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Egyptian Start-up, VRapeutic is Addressing Learning Challenges with Virtual Reality

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Technology is evolving at an exponential and with this massive growth comes more applicative avenue.

Exploiting the power of technology to help mankind is VRapeutic. A startup based in Egypt that uses virtual reality (VR) technology to help treat learning difficulties and developmental disorders.

VRapeutic is not planning on stopping in Egypt, it recently unveils plans on taking its solution globally in the next 18 months.

The start-up was launched in 2017 by Ahmad Al-Kabbany and the idea of the start-up came to him while he was doing his research ON VR for his Ph.D. in electrical engineering.

VRapeutic designs 3D virtual environments that are specially programmed to instill different life skills and experience in children, including social, cognitive, motor, and academic skills.

The startup distributes VR software modules, installed on VR headsets, to therapy centres. Children are then matched with a particular module dependent on the therapy plan set by the child’s therapist.

VRapeutic offers unique cloud accounts for every therapist/doctor and child, where the performance data are collated and the request modules for every child can be accessed easily.

“I launched VRapeutic in a bid to cut down on the costs and inefficiencies inherent in traditional approaches to dealing with learning disabilities and developmental disorders such as dyslexia, autism, and cerebral palsy.” Ahmad Al-Kabbany Founder VRapeutic.

“We develop our own curricula for essential life skills, featuring unique technical features, customisability, and a design centered around widely-adopted assessment tools,” he said.

He further stated that “We are pioneering the integration between virtual environments, bio-sensors, and machine intelligence to enrich the interactions inside the environments.”

VRapeutic is a kind of a B2B business model that sees it license its software modules to therapy centers, clinics, and hospitals is currently operating in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The startup recently generated US$30,000 in revenues in the last nine months.

However, Al-Kabbany considers this to have been slow progress

“We have approached from a research-oriented angle, in which every product is developed and validated under the strict supervision of highly placed and renowned professionals. Hence, we know that the first stage has been time demanding, before we can scale up sales, which establishes our long-term scientific credibility,” Al-Kabbany stressed.

The dream is huge, the road is far, and it has been a long one, but he said every difficulty has encountered has had a positive impact on the product VRapeutic which is now ready to scale internationally.

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