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Effectively Positioning Your Business Online Training Coming Up In May 2019

Numerous feedback, gotten from our interactions with numerous Startups that have attended the CFA Startups Hangout, over the past 19 Editions of the event, shows that, apart from the issue of the difficulty in accessing funds to run and scale their businesses, the next big issue that Startups face, is how to effectively get their businesses online and projecting them for productivity and profitability.

Needless to say, that we are currently addressing the first issue of accessibility of funds for Startups, through our activities with the Founder Institute, with more that we will open the lid from, when the cooking is done, very soon.

We are, however, at, bringing a solution to the next big issue for Startups and other businesses, by organising a Training titled, “Effectively Positioning Your Business Online”.

We are bringing in three astute professionals that are vast in putting businesses on the path of productivity and profitability, to put Startups and other business owners through, on how to go about it, without stress or hassles.

The faculty includes Peter Oluka, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, of, Precious Nwanganga, a Brand Marketing and Sales guru, with specialties in Digital Media Content Marketing Strategies and Precious Anozie, a professional with a wealth of transferable skills in the areas of Online Marketing, Brand Management and Customer relationship management. You can read more about them here.

Join the Training session, coming up on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, by registering @ and you will surely learn a lot, for application in your business and see it grow in leaps and bounds.

Hope to see you there.