Effectively Positioning Your Start-up For A 5G World

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Technology is evolving, at an exponential rate and what, in the past, seemed like distant technological innovations, are now coming to reality.

Technological innovations that seem like supernatural inventions, have now been disrupted and new upgrades are coming in, thick and fast.

The 4G network is, considered fast, but the 5G network is, set to render it obsolete, as it offers faster internet connectivity than the 4G network.

The world is going digital and disruptive technologies, are taking over almost anything one can think of and one concept that will accelerate the dominance of disruptive technology is, the 5G network.

The 5G network is, set to revolutionize everything and entrepreneurs, need to know how to, effectively, position their startup, to tap into the massive opportunities it will present.

The 5G is, set to eliminate router and its towers can, comfortably, accommodate millions of devices.

“The development of 5G technology is, comparable to the invention of the internal combustion engine. It changes the principle of the game and the massive fall in latency and increase in bandwidth, will make new business models possible.

More processing, will happen, in the cloud, rather than, at the device level, exponentially, reducing software and hardware costs. And by freeing up the lower end of the electronic spectrum, 5G will make it easier, to build a massive network of IoT-connected devices”, stated Zach Ferres CEO, Coplex.

Broadband penetration is, still slow in Africa and the 2019 GSMA Mobile economy report, shows that, the 4G networks, accounted for, just 7% of mobile connections, in sub-Saharan Africa, at the end of 2018, compared to the global average of 44%.

Penetration may be slow, but if Africa can leap into the 5G network, there is a high probability that, the continent will develop, at an exponential rate.

According to a report released by Statista, 11 million people, will use and have access, to the 5G smartphones, worldwide and it has been projected that, in 2022, users are expected, to reach 627 million, all over the world.

The 5G network will, speedily, change the way things are done and it is, high time, employers start educating their employees, on how to stay ahead, when it, finally, hits Africa.

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The world will be hit hard and fast, by the 5G network innovation and old ways of doing things, will be, rapidly, disrupted, while skills will need to be upgraded.

Major companies, across the world are, slowly, are gradually, preparing their employees, on how to harness the 5G technology.

Start-ups will be the major benefactors of the 5G network, since, tech start-ups, rely on fast network connectivity, which is like a sophisticated tool, in their hands.

This will to enable their businesses to scale faster.

Finally, tech start-ups cannot hope for a better thing, than the 5G network, as Africa is, now the frontier, that supports the growth of start-ups.

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