Effectively Managing Your Team in a Pandemic Era

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A pandemic, as we all know, is an outbreak of a disease, over a geographical region, or the entire world.

By this definition, it is paramount to know that, COVID-19, a disease, currently, threatening human existence is, a major pandemic, of our time.

In a bid to curtail the spread of this disease, nations of the world, have had to lock down cities and communities, close down businesses and industries.

Imposing social distancing, restrict citizens’ movement and ban gatherings, such as, religious and social gatherings.

This recent development did, indeed, weigh down on the world’s economy at large, with major businesses, either, partially, or totally unproductive, as a result of lockdowns across the world.

There is, also, a fall in the consumption of, or demand for certain goods and services at the moment, due to lockdowns and travel restrictions, across the world.

Leaders in various nations of the world, are faced with the difficult decision, of reviving their national economies, while putting the safety of their citizens in mind.

Gradually, attempts are being made, at easing the lockdown guidelines, with partial opening of businesses and lifting movement restrictions.

In the hope of seeing how best to manage the spread of the disease, while ensuring that people get back to their normal lives until a vaccine is ready.

The easing of the lockdown and partial opening of businesses is, challenging to firms and organisations, owing to the fact that, they are forced to work, between a limited time frame.

A strictly guided staff capacity and light work environment, in compliance with safety measures, put in place to prevent the spread of the disease.

With anxiety everywhere, of contracting the disease, limited movement and social distancing, working in a pandemic era, could be challenging for, even, the toughest of one’s personnel.

It is, however, possible, to bring the best out of your team, despite the present challenges, if you put adequate measures in place.

Below are some of the ways to encourage your team to bring out the best in them, during this pandemic era:

Safety of your team

The first thing that you should do, as a leader, for members of your team is, to make safety a priority.

No matter how good the pay is, many workers, will not be willing to carry out assignments, effectively, if their lives are at risk.

At a time in this pandemic era we have now, you should be ready and able, to assure your team members of their safety, while carrying out their tasks assigned to them.

For COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, proper sitting arrangements, should be set up, in line with the mandated social distancing, of at least, two meters, provision of hand sanitisers, face masks, gloves, etc.,

These are appropriate measures that, will assure your team, of their safety and give them the ease and needed confidence to, effectively, perform the needed tasks.

Ability to organise your team for efficiency

As a team leader, acquiring and demonstrating proper teamwork and project management skills and qualities, with a view to ensuring that your team achieves efficiency, are essential, in a time of pandemic.

The ability to make the right call, draw out work plan, in a simple, yet precise and accurate manner, is necessary.

The pandemic era is a time, when there are limited resources to work with, limited time to think and numerous work challenges, as a result of the surrounding situation, all posing a threat to work efficiency and effectiveness.

There is, therefore, a need to be positive in decision making. You should, also, be willing and ready to accommodate, understand and manage lapses, knowing how the challenging times can make efficiency difficult, on the part of team members.

Keep tasks as simple as much as possible

Another thing to bear in mind is during a pandemic like this, is the need to keep work, or task frame skeletal, or simple, as much, as possible.

If and when possible, remote work, should be initiated.

When the need to work at the office premises is, unavoidable, working in shifts can, also, be introduced.

The organisational frame of work, might not have to be rigidly followed.

Procedures, protocols and formalities, might have to be flexible, owing to the factors of the prevailing circumstances, with the sole goal, of enhancing productivity.

Provide incentives to your staff

The use of working incentives will, also, go a long way, to encourage your team members.

Making provisions for staff transportation or additional working allowances to cover up miscellaneous spending will stimulate a good working spirit.

We must not forget, that there is general inflation in transport fares, the cost of goods and services, during a pandemic.

It only means that the cost of getting to work and living conditions are, invariably, higher and your which your team members are not exempted.

Providing access to working tools for your staff, especially, when working remotely

Adoption of productivity and communication apps, tools and technologies, for effective task and project management will, also, boost your team’s productivity and work efficiency, during a pandemic period.

The use of project management apps like Asana, Dropbox, Zoom, etc., and the ability to go digital in some of your processes is, vital at this period.

This will not only make work faster but also, ensure that, the least number of hands and the least energy, can effectively perform, as much task, as possible, within a limited time frame.

Institute an effective feedback system

To effectively monitor your team, during a pandemic period, it is essential for you to institute an effective feedback system from your team members.

You should, also, not only just receive the feedback and keep, you need to, also, analyse such feedback and act on them, for the progress of your organisation.

It is clearly seen that, the success of your team, in a pandemic era depends, solely, not on the limiting factors around you.

However, how much you are able, to manage your team, amidst limited resources and difficult circumstances, such that, you get the best in them.

While we go about doing the needful, let us make safety a premium, for only in a safe world, can we achieve our goals and dreams.

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