Economic Opportunities And Challenges In Lagos

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Lagos is a megacity, striving to deal with population growth.

Due to its development and urbanisation, many people leave the rural areas, to come and live in Lagos, in search of greener pastures.

Some people regard Lagos, as the heartbeat of Nigeria; others refer to it, as “the happening place”, but one basic quality that distinguishes Lagos from other cities, is the numerous opportunities it has, to offer various kinds of people.

Lagos has a natural capacity for excellence and workmanship; an average Lagos resident, is a hustler.

The city of Lagos exudes life; waking up early, or, returning home late at night, the city, indeed, never seem to go to sleep.

People troop in, to inhabit Lagos because of its opportunities.

Lagos is widely known, for the job opportunities it offers.

Most people, that are searching for jobs, so, they can start a living in Nigeria, choose Lagos because of such available opportunities.

It is not that other places have no jobs to offer them, but Lagos has the most jobs, with high pay.

Apart from white collar jobs, Lagos is also a place, to push one’s business.

The wide range of people, living in the city, broadens an entrepreneur’s audience.

In Lagos, your product can easily sell. Lagos is full of many hawkers and road side business people, who hustle daily, for a living.

Health care facilities in rural areas are often very poor.

Lagos, with its various developed hospitals, then, becomes attractive, to people, who are in search of health care.

General hospitals are available in Lagos, for those who cannot afford private hospitals and often times, poor people get free treatments and tests.

Many doctors also prefer to set up their medical practice in Lagos because of the huge population there.

Lagos is also outstanding for its intellectual and educational facilities.

Most parents, send their children from other States, to attend boarding schools, day schools, or, universities in Lagos.

Lagos has more schools, than, other states do. The State alone, has, over 10 universities.

Education, is a passport, out of poverty; it is only normal, to send children to school, and many parents, prefer to put their children in schools in Lagos.

The area of entertainment is  also one of the economic opportunities that Lagos offers.

The state is the soul of entertainment in Nigeria. From singing, to acting, to dancing and any other showcase of talents, Lagos is the best place to grow and push such talents.

Apart from weekend concerts and various showcasing of professionals, the state promotes talents, through various talent shows.

Different kinds of schools are, also, available in Lagos, where talents can develop their acts, such as, music schools, acting schools, etc

Lagos is also seen, as a great relaxation center. Fun and relaxation is a part, that cannot be separated, from Lagos; from amusement parks to shopping malls, spa centers, several restaurants, cinemas and game centers.

All these economic opportunities can be encouraging factors for migrating to the State, however, the state also has its challenges that it encounters, just like every other state does.

Some major challenges of the State include the fact that, it is more, or, less, surrounded by water, hence, can only hold so much in population.

This leads population issues. The roads are, also, usually congested, hence, the daily unending traffic.

A thirty minutes distance drive, can turn into two-hours because of traffic.

This complaint was what raised a comical tweet online, where Lagosians were pleading with intending migrants, not to settle down in the State because of its large population; Lagos is estimated to have about 20 million residents!

Another challenge that Lagos faces is, the issue of waste disposal and environmental pollution. The pres

ence of chemicals, noise, dirt and other harmful poisonous substances, are injurious to the health of its residents.

The high crime rate and disturbances from those referred to, as ‘Area boys’, is another challenge of the State.

Armed robbery, fraud and kidnapping, are some of the vices being experienced in Lagos.

Lagos will remain a beautiful place to live in, as long as, these vices are reduced to the barest minimum. The security operatives in Lagos are up to the task.

Are you looking for a new State to live in with economic opportunities? Lagos may be one of the best for you to consider.

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