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eChurch Project Introduces An Academy, sets to Empower Youths with Church-Focused Digital Skills

Neo-Skill Consulting Limited, the Information Technology (IT) and Business Consulting Enterprise in charge of the eChurch project; has launched an empowerment platform for youth, who are ministry-inclined, how to use emerging technological solutions to expand the propagation of the gospel beyond the four walls of the church.

Riding on the provisions of Zachariah 2:3, the Academy is birthed with the sole aim of empowering youths to digitally assist churches or ministries by providing online presence and other digital assistance.

The effect will help ministers maximise their time by focusing on praying and meditation while the youths serve the table, attending to digital activities; helping churches to increase online followership as well as converting followership to membership. (Act 6:1-5).

The academy’s operations is not only limited to giving certifications to youths, but partners with Bible Schools or Bible Colleges or Ministry’s Schools to empower the pastors or ministers who are undergoing pastorial training with church-focused digital skills required to launch their ministry online.

Oluwaseyi Olaleye, CEO of Neo-Skill Consulting Limited and the convener of eChurch Project, said that the academy will work at producing certified online ministry consultants who will act as digital assistants to church/ministry. (Act 6:1-3)

He added that “in order to become a certified member of the eChurch Project Academy, candidates would undergo three (3) certification levels and then be awarded the certification after successfully completingv the projects in each level”.

He further said, “the Academy has three certification levels namely: Associate, Intermediate and Masters Level.

“For the Associate Certification Level, candidates would be exposed to church-focused content and become excellent digital assistants for churches as well as ministries”.

“The Intermediate Level of certification will require candidates to succeed at digitally supporting pastors to manage church/ministry’s digital community”, he said.

“The Master Level of certification will require candidates to succeed at managing church or ministry’s brand online and digitally drive growth in ministry”, he said.

One other enthralling aspect of the Academy is that it combines spiritual content (Matt. [12:13], Luke [6:45]) and digital skill to produce competent online ministry consultants for churches/ministries.

Moreso, all applicants would be posted to churches or religious bodies for a one month internship after which the certifications will be co-issued by Institute of Chartered Information Technology Professional, South Africa, a recognised IT  professional and regulatory body in South Africa.

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr Seun Adegelu, ICITP South Africa, said that our collaboration with eChurch project academy is to assess and certify candidates who have successful completed their certification tracks and would be given an opportunity to be a member of Institute of Chartered IT Professionals.

The convener of eChurch Project, further explained that this aspect of the Academy is looking beyond the ministers and focusing on empowering the youths/millennial as digital ministry’s consultants so that they can help the churches put their content on the internet and be a blessing to the billions of people who use the internet.

The peak of the training is that it opens certified members to employment opportunities of managing online presence for churches.