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Diversify Your Editing Skills With The Best Apps For Editing Videos

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As a video editor, you definitely don’t want your skills to get rusty, and keeping up with interesting video techniques can be hard.

That’s why, when a friend of this blog sent us a link to a website with the best apps for reversing video, we knew we needed to take a look to see if this was true or a big hot mess.

Best 10 Apps for Reversing Videos
We did some research and experimenting, and it turns out, these apps really are fantastic.

If you are interested in reversing video for a personal project or on a professional level, we highly recommend the following three apps.

These are our stand-out favorites from the list, and the ones we think hold the most potential for all of your video editors out there.

Videoshop – Rating: 4.7, Downloads: 10M
Videoshop allows you to easily edit videos using a full library of tools that are intuitive and simple to use.

Whether it’s video trimming or merging video clips to adding filters, special effects (like reversing), or animated titles, you can do all of these things and more.

Not to mention, you can also add voice-overs to whatever project you happen to be working on.

The video quality is excellent and you have the ability to instantly share the end result with your friends.

Although the majority of features are available at no cost to your wallet, you will (unfortunately) need to pay a subscription fee to access some of the more advanced features.

While, sure, this is not ideal, the app itself offers a high-quality function that is nearly unheard of when it comes to editing apps, so we happen to think the price is worth it. Of course, the choice is up to you.

Pros: Wide library of editing tools, share instantly with friends, add voiceover to your project
Cons: Some features are behind a paywall
Overall: While some features you do have to pay for, there are plenty available for free that you can use to churn out the perfect video every time

InShot – Rating: 4.7, Downloads: 100M
InShot offers a lot of great choices for video edits and creation that you can then export in up to 4K resolution.

You editors out there know what that means: you can enjoy every second of your detailed video on your large flat screen TV.

Put together full videos from your favorite clipsor, if you’re going for something a little more low-key, create a slideshow of your favorite photos.

With countless styles and layouts, not to mention filters and backgrounds, you will easily create outstanding videos you’ll want to share over and over again.
Just know that exporting your video(s) in 4K resolution can take a bit of processing time.

This is pretty typical of any program that has to compress a file, but it’s a good idea to be mindful that this is a potential occurrence if you do decide to go for the high definition look.

Pros: Save videos in 4K, create videos or put together an image slideshow, countless layouts
Cons: Exporting a video in high definition can take a bit of extra time
Overall: As long as you’re patient, you’ll love the end result: a high-quality video you made in the palm of your hand.

VivaVideo – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 100M
Viva Video has more than 1,000 video editing effects, such as video reversal, so you can easily make your ideal video and stand out from other video editors.

There are countless professional-grade video filters and lenses that are especially great for making YouTube videos that you can then share with the world.

Plus, make a movie with the single tap of your finger by selecting the theme for your video creation and pressing start.

Then, add stickers, music and text animations for a little extra dazzle.
With so many editing effects and tools available to you, the editing process can feel a bit overwhelming for beginners.

We recommend you definitely give yourself time for a learning curve, so you can figure out exactly what every feature does before you start your official project.

Pros: Loads of editing tools, more than 1,000 effects, has music you can add to creations
Cons: There may be a learning curve for beginners
Overall: Provide yourself with enough time to learn and figure out the app, and you’ll be astounded at how much this app lends to creativity

So far, we’ve had a great time exploring all that these video editing apps have to offer; particularly, the reverse video feature which has made watching home videos way more hilarious than we ever predicted.

Whether you’re a professional video editor or not, we’re confident that these apps will give you the flexibility you’ve been looking for to make something that’s not only great quality but greatly entertaining as well.

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