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Digitised Meat shop, Meathub Sets to Offer Consumers Affordable & Quality Meat.

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Aims to provide consumers with clean and affordable meat processed under sanitary conditions and brought to their doorsteps

Launches Easter campaign ahead of the Easter Season

Reports have shown that the daily consumption of meat in Lagos state is in the capacity of 6000 cattle.

However, beyond these numbers, the abattoirs where meats are processed tend to be in a poor state with processing plants and ineffective meat inspection.

As the consumption of meat appears to be a necessity and the need to comply with global standards, Meathub has been established to bridge the gap between livestock lovers and access to clean, traceable, fit for consumption, and high affordable quality livestock.

Meathub is a one-stop digitised meat sharing platform recently introduced into the Lagos Livestock market to allow the convenient purchase of high-quality meat that is affordable to consumers.

The meat sharing platform affords consumers the opportunity to experience, buy and consume livestock subjected to a strict global standard, all in the bid to ensure that the meat processing upholds all standard best practices.

The purchase of livestock comes with its various challenges in Lagos as consumers are constantly faced with an unsanitary environment where the livestock gets processed, the discomfort that accompanies the market runs and not being able to guarantee the safe consumption of the processed livestock.

Meathub’s creation is to bridge this apparent gap and afford Lagosians affordable meat processed under the best of hygiene standards.

The one-stop digitised meat sharing platform offers a range of products including beef (Bull meat) to chevon (Goat meat) and chicken.

Consumers are afforded the opportunity to share livestock at affordable rates while also picking up products at designated Meathub stores near them.

Consumers can also choose the option of getting delivery to them across the state at a cost-effective price.

Speaking on the introduction of the meat sharing platform to the Lagos Livestock market, Linda Obi, Project Director for Meathub explained that the platform has been established to change the way we buy and handle meat,

“We aim to provide traceable, fit-for slaughter animals that are fit for consumption to all individuals across the State and beyond.”

Considering all this, Meathub sets to launch an Easter campaign ahead of the Easter season.

The platform has opened the campaign to both new and existing customers with the offer of incentives that includes discounts on products and many more prizes.

You can connect with Meathub across all its social media channels for more information on the Easter campaign
via @meathubonline.

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