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The advancement of a society has its mainstay around its technological input, coupled with the growth of its ICT sector.

For a free flow advancement, a society must be equipped to allow critical technologies to work.

Nearly all aspects of our lives involve the use of technology.

These include critical technologies, such as uninterruptible power systems, power distribution units, modern data centres and the likes that can enhance a developing nation’s capacity.

At the heart of this critical development is Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions that spans across five continents, offering its global leadership, broad expertise and competitive commercial terms.

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In early June 2020, Vertiv revealed its latest research on edge computing, stating the implications of the shift to edge computing for telecom operators and the best tactics, as well as strategies for capitalising on edge growth.

Towards the end of June 2020, Vertiv announced its new suite of edge infrastructure products, one year after launching its partner programme.

CFAmedia caught up with Pierre Havenga, Managing Director MEA – Vertiv, who shared his thoughts on

Vertiv’s Journey in Africa

Vertiv designs and services critical infrastructure that enables vital applications for data centres communications, network with commercial and industrial facilities.

In 2018, the firm partnered with Technology Distribution Ltd, (TD), to strengthen its capacity in the African market.

Pierre explained how this partnership has fared, since 2018.

“What makes Vertiv unique, is the flexibility and versatility of our solutions and expertise.

We understand that a standard solution does not fit all requirements, especially, when dealing with different environmental conditions in Africa.

It is, also, critical to understand customer objectives and providing a fit for purpose solution.

When we partner with customers, we offer reliable, safe, uninterrupted operations, regardless of the application, meeting their specific objectives”,. 

Since the partnership with TD, Vertiv has offered African customers a wide range of cutting-edge products and services.

Team Vertiv and TD

Considering, the co-location market’s rapid growth in Africa and how that has led to an increased demand for data centres, the value of Vertiv’s relationship with all its distributors has grown, exponentially.

“Together, we have been able to meet the growing demand for infrastructure solutions, specifically, around power and thermal management, core, access sites, hyper-scale and edge computing”, Pierre noted.

Vertiv has worked closely with all distributors, to ensure continuity and achieve breakthrough outcomes, from design to installations and commissioning, operation and service.

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Vertiv SmartMod render

“Our distributors act as our virtual sales force. We supply leading cutting-edge products.

We empower them with the right training and skill set, to be able to support customers and provide high-quality service.

With various Customer Experience Centers around MEA, Vertiv ensures all our distributors are Vertiv certified, upholding our global quality standards”, Pierre emphasised.

Mobile and cloud computing market in Africa

Vertiv provides fit-for-purpose solutions that ensure customer operational objectives are met and exceeded.

Africa is one of the leading continents with regards to mobile banking, with the entrants of hyper-scalers, as well as enterprises migrating to co-location.

Understanding customer objectives and hyper-scale requirements, Vertiv provides fit for purpose solutions, from its leading technology portfolio.

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Vertiv Liebert OFC air

Convergence from 2G to 3G and beyond, a drastic increase in fibre connectivity and digitalisation of various industries and verticals, e.g., government/healthcare, will continue to drive data traffic for Vertiv.

“We are working with several partners on the continent, to build and enhance Africa’s infrastructure capabilities, to support this growth.

Over the last 3 years, Africa’s capacity in cloud computing has doubled, partly because of increased global investment into African co-location data centres”, Pierre stated.

The continent is clearly going through a boom, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and widespread adoption of digital technologies, for example in mobile banking.

There are, however, challenges in infrastructure, (for example power generation) and regulatory environment, which are potential risks for growth.

Our knowledge and expertise in other critical areas comes into play to provide innovative and holistic solutions to the market”, Pierre commented.

Combating the pandemic with technology

According to Pierre, technology has never been more critical, globally. Digital transformation has meant critical industries, like healthcare, have pivoted to digitised solutions.

“These solutions, along with mobile apps can, then, be used to identify and communicate with high risk individuals, or those who have been in contact with infected individuals”, Pierre opined.

“Technology is enabling employees to work remotely, enabling the survival of business operations.”

Vertiv has been able to offer customer’s virtual factor acceptance tests, from their homes, to maintain business continuity.

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JNB Vertiv staff

On remote working, Pierre said that Vertiv’s journey was not driven, only, by the pandemic, but the desire to provide a better work-life experience that would create business flexibility, drive employee productivity and help retain workers in a competitive industry.

As a company, he said, Vertiv had always tried to stay ahead of the game and already commenced remote working in 2018.

In conclusion, Vertiv believes that there is a better way to meet accelerating demand for data — one driven by passion and innovation.

As industry experts and architects of continuity, Vertiv collaborates with its customers to envision and build future-ready infrastructures.

Leveraging its portfolio of hardware, software, analytics and services, to ensure its customers’ vital applications run continuously, perform optimally and scale, with business needs.

In Europe, Middle East and African region, Vertiv has 5 manufacturing and assembly locations, more than 70 service centers, over 600 Service field engineers, up to 90 technical support/response personnel and 6 customer experience centers/labs.

Featured Image: Pierre Havenga, Managing Director MEA – Vertiv

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