Digital Graveyard Implosion as Facebook Introduces Tribute Section

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Facebook is, probably, the only popular social media handle that notifies its users of friends and families birthdays, provided the users to provide this information when they registered their Facebook account. The platform does not, however, notify users automatically about the death of other users, except, a family or friend manually posts it on his or her timeline.

Obviously, a deceased user cannot write a message about his death for the notification of everyone within his/her connection. On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, Facebook announced that it would be rolling out new features on the accounts of deceased users.

This name of this feature is the ‘Tributes Section’ – separate from the timeline- as it allows users to post messages on a section of the deceased user account.

The tribute section, which will get integrated into a memorialized profile account, is fully dedicated to paying tributes by writing stories, sharing fun memories and others.

A memorialized account enables Facebook users to commemorate their loved ones, who are deceased. This account comes from a legacy contact, which is an individual selected by a user to assist in managing their account after the user’s passing away.

Turning on the timeline review, the legacy contact would have access to switch off the requirements necessary to make a review on posts and tags before other users would see them on the tribute section. This allows for control over what appears on the deceased account.

The tribute section is not yet available to all memorialized accounts, however, Facebook says it is working on it, to make it accessible to all.

Features of a memorialized accounts

  • It does not allow any user to log into the account
  • It disables the deletion of pre-existing content, plus the addition, or, removal of friends
  • Memorialized timelines do not appear in public spaces
  • Groups belonging to memorialized accounts can be taken over by other admins, while their pages are deleted from Facebook

As at 2012, not less than 30 million accounts on Facebook belong to deceased users and with almost 10, 000 deaths every day, Facebook gradually is turning to a digital graveyard.

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