Digital Adoption; the Skill Set to Scale your Business

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One sure way through, which the success of a start-up can be measured is, to scale, over several years.

The success story of a start-up is, of course, a combination of several intertwined strategies that it is able to leverage, around it, to grow and scale.

One of the fastest routes that can lead to this massive growth, is through the adoption of technology, in running the business.

Technology encompasses a lot of things and over the years, humans have achieved great successes, in terms of creating things that have continued to simplify everything that man does.

Through technology, many things that seemed impossible, before now, have been accomplished, sometimes appearing in the realm of extraordinary magical feats.

Some of the greatest start-ups in the world would not have been where they are today if they have not leveraged technological digital skills in running their businesses.

It is pertinent to note that, any business, thinking of scaling should understand and resolve to adopt the right digital skills for application in their businesses, to move to the next level.

There has been an exponential shift, from the primordial ways of doing things, to more sophisticated, but simplified ways of doing things, as the world is now, more connected, through social media, giving you a platform to reach billions of people, at the touch of a button.

Without a well-rounded team that has basic knowledge of digital skills, a start-up is, already facing a conundrum that will, only, lead to its slow, or sometimes, quick death.

“ Digital adoption, quite simply, refers to achieving a state within your company, where all of your digital tools and assets are leveraged to the fullest extent”, explained Lilach Bullock.

Modern technology has afforded man the ability to learn anything and everything, at their own pace, without slowing the growth of the organisation.

Through digital stratification, a skilled workforce that understands, perfectly, what is required of them, individually, will push and ensure the scalability of the start-up.

Understanding and implementing big data will give an organisation, a nearly, perfect eagle-eye view, of their customer’s buying pattern.

Automation will ensure that work is done faster, with little stress. Artificial Intelligence, AI, will ensure that the business has a near-human touch.

Blockchain technology is, capable of giving the business, water-tight security.

Adopting digital skills, will surely, provide a strong foundation, for a start-up and increase its scalability rate.

It was reported by SAP that, 85% of leaders, in the digital sphere, have seen their market share increase, while 80% that has embarked on digitisation, has achieved considerable financial growth.

While digital adoption is, highly required, it is, also, highly imperative that it is carried out strategically, as it requires a steady inflow of funds, to sustain the implementation of some of these technologies.

Fortunately, the rise of cloud computing, seems to ensure that the cost of implementing digitising a business process is minimised, especially, for small businesses.

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