Difference Between Being Busy And Productivity

Few days ago, I had planned to complete 5 tasks, before the end of the day.

I started off with the first task in the morning, but up till the evening of that day, I was still battling with that first task, unable to move further to the 4 other tasks!

My kid brother walked into my room and told me to slow down, otherwise, I would burst a nerve in my brain because, I am over-stretched it.

We both laughed about it and I waved him off.

At the end of the day, I found out that, I could not complete all the 5 tasks save for two.

I tried to analyze the reason I was only able, to complete 2 tasks, out of the 5 tasks I had planned to carry out.

I realized that, although I was busy, I was not working productively because, I was always distracted with my phone and I did not know when to stop and move ahead to other tasks.

I spent the whole day working, as a busy bee, without being productive.

There is a huge world of difference between, when you are busy and when you are working productively.

You can be busy with a project and after wasting time and energy, you may find out that, the project is meaningless and the main essence of the project is not achieved.

Below are 3 different attributes of working productively, as distinct from just being busy:

Working Smart

Being busy equates to working harder, while being productive is about working smarter.

You can work from morning to night and not achieve anything. All you end up achieving, is more physical and mental stress, which will negatively, affect your health.

Working harder is good, but you need to learn how to work smart.

Working smart ensures that, you save yourself mental and physical stress.

Working smart entails that, you take on tasks, in a systematic and simpler way and pursue what really matters, leave the others behind.

Efficiency In Time Usage

Being busy drains away lots of time, while being productive, equates to efficiency in time usage.

When you are busy handling multiple tasks, you would not be able to, properly manage your time.

You will be busy with tasks and would not be able to control your time, but when you work productively, your time will be efficiently managed.

Meeting Schedules

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Being busy will muddle up schedules, while being productive ensures that your schedules are intact, strictly followed and are met.

When you are just being busy, you tend to muddle up your schedule. You would not know when to stop and when to keep going.

Everything will be jammed and disoriented. Following your schedules strictly, ensures that, you when you need to stop, especially, when you are not getting the desired results.

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