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Why Developers Should Try Bluemix by IBM

Advancement in IT has changed the face of the business world. Now, there is no concept of business without a computer software, whether it is a small business or a multi-national company. This has greatly enhanced the importance of software development.

Cloud computing has become an essential part of business applications and this has reduced the storage cost of companies to a large extent. It has led to the emergence of software development for using cloud for storage available from different companies. This is capable of integrating existing and new applications, using this amazing environment. It provides great programming facility for developers for the development of cloud applications.

To meet the latest challenges of the time and user-expectation, IBM has served the purpose very well in the form of Blumix cloud platform. It possesses quite a number of excellent features that makes it a good recommendation for the development of more interactive and integrated business applications and games as well. Here are few of the most important features and facilities which developers can look out for on Blumix from IBM.

Git Hosting

It provides Git Hosting that much simplifies the procedure for tracking, planning and development of projects without leaving your preferred SCM. It also provides the facilities to share ideas and work with your team or openly to the world using the GIT repository.

Easy connecting to GitHub Repository

It provides the developers services that makes connecting to the GitHub Repository easy while using in-practice tools for development which makes the work easy for the developers.

One window view

IBM Bluemix is a wonderful environment that provides all work in one place. This means that developers can see all their work in a single window and are also capable of joining different projects together. It helps the developers to be more organized about the projects and other work items.

Simplicity of the User Interface

IBM Bluemix has very simple and interactive user interface. It provides much ease of starting new projects to developers and also for assigning the tasks to the team members date-wise. Developers can also invite new members to join a project and also give description of projects on the home page and also the ability to edit it at any time during the project.

Ready to use coding atmosphere

When a new project is started with IBM Bluemix. it does not require anything else. Just start to code by clicking Edit Code. While coding, the developer can import other files and codes in the recent project.

Integrated code editor

The IBM Bluemix code editor is so skillfully created that it allows a variety of tasks to be carried out by the developer. It allows the following major tasks:

  • Importing the source code
  • Easy copying of files in new directory just by dragging the file into new directory
  • Quick and easy code editing and offer many other features such as:
  • CSS, HTML and JavaScript content assistance
  • Code validation
  • Support twenty popular languages for syntax highlight
  • Provides keyboard shortcut for easy coding
  • Auto-completion for brackets and comments block
  • Provides much ease and assistance for Cloud Foundry Manifest files such as syntax highlighting, validation and content assistance.

The above-stated features of IBM Bluemix make it a very good choice for developers, availing them the ease of interaction and development for the business and entertainment fields. The Bluemix by IBM can really be a fantastic addition to a developers programming tools.


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  • IBM Bluemix is a cool cloud platform for developers, so I’ll advice developers to take advantage of this wonderful platform.