DEMS Volunteers Cautions Against Peddling Fake News On Laying 5G Fibre Optic Cables In Lagos, Others

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Urges Nigerians to embrace facts, not fiction, regarding 5G

Digital Economy Media Support Volunteers’, (DEMS Volunteers’), a non-governmental Advocacy group of media and telecoms practitioners, creating awareness on digital economy, has described, as strange, the resent social media onslaught on the telecommunications infrastructure deployment, in parts of Lagos.

The Volunteers’ stated that, it was regrettable that, purveyors of fake news have chosen this period of Coronavirus pandemic, to misinform millions of internet users, in the country, particularly, as regards unfounded cases of 5G fibre optic cable deployment, in Lagos and other parts of the country.

According to a statement released on Friday and endorsed, by the Director-General, Prince Stan Okenwa, DEMS Volunteers, called on Nigerians, to disregard the comments, posts, (videos) and documentaries, by uninformed groups and individuals, who are arrogating to themselves, the roles of the Nigerian Communications Commission, (NCC), and telecommunication engineers.

“Obviously, 5G is not only crucial, to global economy because, it has the potential to support millions of devices, at ultra-fast speeds, but also, because it has the potentials, to transform the lives of people, around the world. Improvements that will be brought about by the 5G technology, can help make life better.

Today, telemedicine, e-learning, e-government, teleconferencing, etc., have become more relevant because, of the COVID-19 pandemic. Connectivity makes life easy” Prince Stan Okenwa stated.

“Having said that, it is important to state that, 5G has not been launched in Nigeria yet. Of course, it is not something to be shrouded in secrecy, therefore, the turn of events in Nigeria, in recent weeks is, unfortunate”, stressed Prince Stan Okenwa.

“Recall that, the issue of drop calls, was on the front burner, not quite long, but have we asked ourselves, why this persists! It is, basically, due to lack of infrastructure and other factors, associated with the business of telecoms.

Now, telcos have seen a window, to expand infrastructure for the current 3G and 4G that we use and people are making mockery of the system. This must be condemned, by every well-meaning Nigerian”, he argued.

He stated that, NCC had earlier made it clear, vide a statement that, the ongoing laying of fibre optic cables and the deployment of other telecoms equipment, by mobile network operators, (MNOs), across Lagos and other States is, entirely, to expand their networks infrastructure, across the country, to provide more efficient services, to the consumers.

“What can be more true than this? Okay, the conspiracy theorists, are saying that, the fibres are for 5G, whereas, no license has been issued for such. Do you build a house, before laying the foundation? How possible is that? Nigerians should ask these purveyors of fake news, hard questions, to understand their motives”, he stressed.

Prince Stan Okenwa, explained that, just recently, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami and the Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, were also, going cap-in-hand, engaging the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, to grant waivers and still agree, to continue with N145 per square meter, for right of way.

It smacks of sabotage, for some people to wake up one morning and begin to rubbish of the system, without understanding how telecom infrastructure are deployed.

“In other climes, to improve the coverage, capacity, and overall Quality of Experience, (QoE), of mobile users, Mobile Network Operators, (MNOs), are adopting small cells, which, strategically, place radios closer to users. Small cells, can be backhauled, over copper, (xDSL, HFC-based cable modems), air, (microwave, millimeterwave), or, fibre, (Ethernet, PON).

These are, in public domain. When it is time for 5G deployment, we have the confidence that, NCC working with stakeholders, will choose the best option and not, necessarily, must it be through fibre optic cable”, he opined.

“The Volunteers call on Nigerians, to rally round NCC and MNOs, by protecting telecom infrastructures in their domain, as means to ensure that, 4G infrastructure are deployed, in every nook and cranny of the country, for the benefit of e-learning, e-commerce, e-health, connectivity, e-government, access to media, for quality news, agritech, amongst others”, he concluded.

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