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Debbie Consulting Bridges Practical ICT Skills Gap with Int’l Careers IT Programme

Debbie Consulting Bridges Practical ICT Skills Gap with Int’l Careers IT Programme

In an effort to bridge the gap ICT knowledge in Nigeria, as well as backing up theoretical knowledge with proper practical skills and competencies that meet the industry requirements, Debbie Mishael Consulting has unveiled International Careers IT Programme for secondary leavers, corpers, fresh graduates and IT professionals

The IT programme, according to the firm will provide the essential IT skills and competence needed to accelerate their IT career and be internationally competitive.

Speaking with, Engr. Ifeanyi Frank Ogochukwu, Chief Technology strategist, Debbie Mishael Consulting said the initiative directly puts the platform to bridge the apparent gap, intelligently by uniquely enabling disruptions within the IT knowledge, learning, skills and competence space targeted on three levels that will accelerate.

“So the very essence of this program is to translate that knowledge to capacity and also capacity to convert that knowledge powered by relevant skills and competencies into economic and social value. So we shall address these known issues holistically in the program.

We are addressing the issues on three fronts: young school leavers, fresh graduates/corpers/ final year undergraduates and of course graduates and IT professional”.

“So, in effect, we shall in our little way create small clusters of knowledgeable, skilled and entrepreneurially minded technology professionals with a global perspective. The International Careers IT Programme is a collaboration between Debbie Mishael Consulting Limited, Nigeria and Institute of Chartered IT Professionals ( ICITP, SA).

“The impact, therefore, is that a new set of value-adding, solution based and business minded technopreneurs will emerge that will enable this economy technologically.

“Nigeria no doubt is a leading country with huge ICT potentials, but the fact remains that we have not been able to harness these potentials optimally because of the huge mismatch or disconnect between the academia and the industry regarding knowledge, skill, and competencies that meet the requirements of the industry,” he said.
Engr. Ogochukwu has mentored and coached over 1500 interns from Universities, Polytechnics within and outside Nigeria within a ten year period.

He argued that technology graduates are not prepared for the industry due to lack of requisite skill and competency to meet the industry requirement or even run their own business.

“They lack Entrepreneurship and business skills; technology leaders are disconnected from the business and prior learning experience and skill in non-formal environments is also not evaluated and validated”, he said.

On the Level of ICT Knowledge (gap) in Nigeria, he said, “Knowledge without the capacity to translate that knowledge to value for economic and social reasons, therefore, is meaningless. ICT knowledge in Nigeria seems pretty high, but the issue we have is that the knowledge is not essentially backed up with proper matching practical skills and competencies that meet the industry requirements – which is the ability and capacity to solve problems.

“Now the reason is that we needed to go backward to address the observed gaps from SS3, final year undergraduates, graduates, corpers and IT professionals. Those who want to pursue International IT Education, who desire to acquire the necessary skill and competencies and those who are in already in IT professions who want to accelerate their IT career and be globally competitive.

Engr. Ogochukwu said that the programmes differ from similar others offered by various organization, saying, “Well, I do agree with you that a lot of organizations are providing training on technology, of course, there is enough technology training out there.

“However, what we are offering is not just technology training, but we are technology and life skill provider- a blended environment of technology training, innovation, entrepreneurial and business skills and incubation hub mode. Our training modules address all of this- enterprise skills for youths, women and IT professionals”, he said