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How to Deal with Smartphone Distraction

A smartphone is as good as anything that is good for the livelihood. And the excess of anything could lead to long-term consequences, just like our smartphones could cause distractions.

Smartphones have lots of advantages and have become an integral part of our lives. It’s beautiful, helpful but it sometimes could cause distractions. However, how smartphones should serve as a tool to aid us in being productive.

In some cases, smartphones have ruined relationships. It may not be exaggerating to say that people have lost their jobs as well because of the distraction coming from a smartphone, but all boils down it being controlled.

Smartphones sometimes vibrate, while notifications and pop-ups sounds could be distracting and make us lose focus even in meetings or serious discussions. This could happen anytime and anywhere if care is not taken, for instance, during board meeting board meetings, exams, date

It is necessary to note that the apps on our phone don’t care if you are distracted or not. The fact is that App developers need you to keep opening their apps, spend more time on them. They compete to get as much as they can from the limited time that we have. So reducing how much we get distracted by our smartphones is in our hands.

Remove unnecessary apps

Any app you have installed on your phone that you don’t get to be using, but then it keeps giving you notifications all the time, uninstall such. They could include news app that you never read, or games you don’t play. There should be apps that you sure can do without.

Turn off notifications and push messages on apps

Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp gives you option on how the notification is sent. Facebook even let you choose whose updates you want to be receiving. Other apps are not this generous. If you know you want to study, enter a meeting or go on that dates turn off your notifications. You can turn this off on the individual apps settings.

Mute Notifications Sound

It is true that some of the notifications are necessary, but there are some that are just not needed, especially notifications from social media. If you want to put the silence the notification, you could still do that. This way you will still get the notification, but you won’t be distracted. It also helps you to check them at a later time.

Set up Do-not-Disturb feature.

This is available in recent versions of Android and iOS.