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How to deal with Issues of Lost Smartphones

Our phones and tablets are essential to us. And so it is of great concern to us when we lose it or it’s stolen from us. This is because all about us are stored on our phone which if it gets to the wrong hand, will end up making a sore situation.

Not just protection of our privacy, other reasons why losing our phone is painful and has its circumstances. Your phone can be used for an illegal activity and this can be traced back to you. And smartphones and tablets are quite expensive too. We will look at what to do when you find yourself in such a bad position.

Android OS Phones and Tablets

If you lost your android phone, you can either try to locate it or remotely erase the phone. A very useful tool that we can use is the Android Device Manager.

Note: Enable the Lock and Erase feature and turn on Location Services on your phone while it was with you otherwise, Device Manager might not be able to help.

I assume you have a Google account and can log in. First of all, we will learn how to set up lock and erase before looking at other steps to take if our phones get stolen

How to Set up Lock and Erase

1. Log on to Device Manager online using the account of the concerned phone.

2. Select the Lock and Erase option and hit Send. This will pop up an icon at your notification bar.

3. Slide down the notification bar and select where it says Android Device Manager: Set up the remote lock and factory reset and then Activate it.

After activating, there are two options, choose which you prefer or choose both. You will see Remote Locate and then Remote Lock and Factory Reset.

How to Lock and Erase our phone remotely.

  • Log on to Android Device Manager
  • Click on Erase to erase all data, app installed and changes made on the phone
  • Select Lock to remotely lock your phone. Remember to create a stronger password that isn’t common to your other accounts.
  • Remember that erasing your phone remotely as described above means that it everything gets erased. Well, thats what we want right.

The Android Device Manager helps us to locate lost phones on the map. You can make your phone to ring at the highest volume for 5 minutes. All these options are there when you log on device manager.

iOS/Apple Devices

Just like we have Device Manager for Android, we have the iCloud that can help you locate or erase your phone, mark the phone as lost, or make it beep when it gets lost or stolen. Please know that you need to have enabled Find my iPhone prior to the time the phone got missing.

  • How to set up Find my iPhone/iPad
  • On your Apple mobile, open Settings, scroll to iCloud and tap.
  • Enable Find my iPhone or iPad depending on the one you using
  • Now head to, log in using your credentials.
  • Click on Find my iPhone and set it to Lost mode.

Here at your iCloud account you can make the phone beep or make a sound and even allow leave a contact number, or you can erase the phone or look at its location on the map

Note that if the phone isn’t connected, it works until the phone goes online again.

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