Cyber Security: Healthcare, Human Rights Organizations To Get Free Cyber Threat Notification From Microsoft

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The growing influence of the coronavirus is causing a paradigm shift in, basically, everything that concerns humans and the way we perceive and interact with the world.

In order to, effectively, curb this dreaded disease from further spreading, the World Health Organisation, (WHO), has advised on strict observation of social distancing, wearing of face masks and periodic washing of hands, which as at now, are the only preventive measures, against the spread of the virus.

Ever since the outbreak became a global threat, health workers have worked, day and night, round the clock, to ensure that, people with the deadly virus are well taken care of, while also, protecting themselves and sharing tips on how non-infected people can stay protected.

Another threat is, however, brewing beyond the horizon. The threat is something that has been widely publicized and preventive measures are already in place, but due to the fact that, this pandemic has ensured that, people stay home, it has become more pronounced and the hackers are getting desperate.

According to 411 IT and security professionals, surveys carried out, by Check Point and Dimensional Research, 71% said they have seen an increase, in security threats, since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

55% pointed to phishing attacks, while 32% cited malicious websites that claim to offer information, or advice about the virus. IT pros have, also, seen a jump in malware and ransomware attacks, since the disease began to surface, early this year.

Recently, hackers have taken to the use of coronavirus threat, to initiate series of spamming activities, which if one is not careful, there is a high probability that, one will, easily, fall victim and now, they have beamed their searchlight on the health care system.

For this reason, Microsoft has decided to free-give its AccountGuard threat notification service, to health care, human rights and humanitarian organizations, all around the world.

“AccountGuard is available, to organizations using Office 365 for business email and extends additional security, to the personal accounts of their frontline workers, who use Microsoft’s consumer email services, such as and Hotmail”, Tom Burt, Corporate VP on Customer Security & Trust, Microsoft.

“Both AccountGuard for Healthcare and AccountGuard for Human Rights Organizations will, initially, be available to organizations in the 29 countries, where we already offer AccountGuard, subject to review of local laws and regulations and we will be adding new countries, based on need and local law”, he stressed.

For now, only selected Human Rights Organisation, will be offered this service, based on a strictly regulated invitation.

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