Prospects From Creating Opportunities In Everyday Challenges

Does opportunity only come, but once? Maybe, yes, maybe no, depending on the perspective you are exploring the issue.

You may not have an opportunity to create another lasting impression of yourself, after previously giving an unimpressive display in the public, but does the opportunity to create something out of nothing exist, daily that, we fail to see?

Unemployment in Nigeria, is like a disease that, the cure is not yet discovered.

According to reports from the National Bureau of Statistics, 23.13% of Nigerians, are unemployed, as at the third quarter of 2018.

With the scourge of unemployment, hitting the Nigerian society like the blazing sun coupled with challenges in industries, government and the immediate environment, how well can one look deep, into these daily challenges and proffer solutions to them?

In this present time, where disruptive innovation is emerging, left, right and centre, to reinvent the wheel, one cannot overlook the need, to place oneself in the position of creating opportunities from daily challenges.

Daily challenges, do not just offer the room for creativity, but also, enhances business opportunities, if explored properly.

In Africa, years back, stories of ordinary people, who are today entrepreneurs, have caught the attention of many.

They have built successful business ventures, out of the very simple daily needs and challenges, that are probably overlooked by others, even, when the opportunities to jump on these are quite feasible.

There is no doubt about the myriads of opportunities that can be created from everyday challenges, especially, in Africa.

Though, some of these challenges, are now getting solutions, nevertheless, some have, still, not been exploited to their full potentials.

Today, two of these opportunities are discussed below:

Financial Services

Everyday challenges - cfamedia

Despite the recent proliferation of Fintech, to make available, ease of payment on the continent, a large part of the population has not been covered.

Even, the banking and the overall financial system, still suffer its own setbacks, making it, the least developed in the world.

More than half of the African population, lack access to financial services and a significant number of the transactions are still done on cash and carry basis.

In as much as this might appear good to some locals, for an average citizen, who has taken transaction beyond the physical cash exchange, exploring options of payments made available by Fintechs wouldn’t be a bargain.

Africa and Nigeria as whole present opportunities to earn good cash in its financial services sector.

Entrepreneurs with disruptive financial solutions will be rewarded from opportunities created from everyday challenges.

Food & Agribusiness

Food availability and distribution, remain a big challenge and it is not ending anytime soon.

With the population of the continent, put at, over a billion, there lies a huge opportunity in agribusiness.

The production of food, still remains an enormous opportunity.

Some food products, are still imported into the continent, despite Africa having a huge capacity to produce these, on a large scale.

Entrepreneurs can look into this food security challenge, get to produce food locally and get huge profit from it.

Threats of climate change on the continent, are real, also, not forgetting environmental pollution.

Any solution that can preserve the natural environment, combat pollution and promote recycling, is surely a great opportunity.

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