Creating An Entrepreneurial Mindset In African Youths

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Africa suffers a scourge in job opportunities, as the continent witnesses one of the highest rates of unemployment in the world.

A large number of young people, are finding themselves, welcomed to the labour market on the African continent, after graduation from schools, year in, year out.

The question on the lips of every concerned African is; where will the jobs from the labour market, to absorb these youths on a yearly basis, emerge from?

With the number of SMEs and MSMEs springing forth daily, this appears to be the alternative to wealth creation, for developing nations on the African continent.

It is becoming, rather obvious that the young African generation, are finding it difficult, to obtain white-collar jobs, therefore, a necessary step for them to embrace is entrepreneurship.

How does the continent develop its pool of young talents, as emerging entrepreneurs?

Below are a few factors that can assist African youths to embrace entrepreneurship:

Teach with the Mindset

According to Thulile Khanyile, Co-Founder of an educational non-profit organisation in South Africa, the young, ought to get encouragement, as this drives their ingenuity to create innovative solutions that solve socio-economic challenges.

With the right mind conditioning, the mindset of children can be driven, towards the entrepreneurial path.

They can take up the traits of business people while creating their own names and concepts.

Change In School Curriculum

An average African educational system, even, as at the secondary level, up to the tertiary institutions, hardly foster an entrepreneurial mindset, looking at the current curriculum that they operate.

The current educational system in operation lacks the transferable skill to young minds, setting them on the path of creativity.

For instance, how many African schools for kids and teenagers offer design and coding?

These are courses that could fuel, independent thought processes and encourage a mindset for creativity.

Emerging Sectors Are Necessary

The value chain of agriculture today, cannot be overemphasized and simultaneously, has the potentials, to create millions of jobs for the teeming unemployed African youths.

Though agriculture, nowadays, is mechanized, nevertheless, the value of the local farmers in the African ecosystem, cannot be thrown to the gutters.

Indigenous knowledge and technological input can always work together.

The Agricultural sector is a viable industry that has the potential of producing young entrepreneurs, who can bring about disruptive innovations, in the emerging sector.

A Change In The Business Environment

The focus is, more often, on how young entrepreneurs must be adapted to their work environment.

Nowadays, the narrative is taking a new twist, as the workspace, is expected to change, so, as to accommodate young people.

Some folks only get to learn some things, after they have graduated from school.

African schools, ought to teach a number of entrepreneurial values to kids, so, this can register in their mindset for success.

Beyond University Walls

Excellent grades are good, but beyond that, there is the need, to look beyond certification and face reality.

Practical solutions ought to be encouraged, rather than, a theory that has not been subjected to being proven, in real-time.

The Art Of Negotiation

Almost every day, we are involved in the art of negotiation, but schools do not offer courses on negotiation.

One should be able to find a common language that can break the walls of business and deliver the art of negotiation.

Listening to the other party and understanding what is required, is an entrepreneurial mindset that is very important.

A Co-ordinated Effort

Young people are energetic in their drive, to innovate, but with a concerted effort from a point, they can take the step a notch higher.

National policies need to be put in place and a clear vision of what each nation on the continent is set to achieve.


The role that micro-financing plays, in the informal sector, cannot be overemphasized sufficiently enough.

A young or emerging entrepreneur, would, at a point, require the services, of a microfinance bank, to fuel his, or, her venture.

Space And Access

One of the biggest challenges of SMEs, across Africa, is, access to the market. It is a situation, where they have to compete, with already existing markets, larger than them.

With SMEs enabled with space and accessibility, through favorable government policies, a chance exists, to build up the economy.

I am sure that, if the above is done faithfully, we will soon witness many African youths, engaging in profitable entrepreneurial ventures in the continent.

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