COVID-19: Remita Implements Safety Measures Against Coronavirus For Its Customers And Employees

Remita- cfamedia
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially, how Nigeria is recording increased number of confirmed new cases, on a daily basis, Remita, the payment gateway, has reorganized its mode of operations, to ensure that its customers and workers, are protected from contracting the virus, from its end. This goes to assure that, its thoughts are with everyone, during these difficult times we find ourselves.

Remita has taken critical steps, to guarantee that, it continues to offer topnotch service delivery, to its customers, while ensuring the safety of our workers.

The company has implemented some updates, on how its employees would work, while at the same time, continually, serve its numerous customers. These updates are as follows:

Remote work

Members of the Remita team, across the country, have been encouraged to work remotely.

This means that, instead of all the workers to resume at the offices, which may be in breach of the social distancing rule of engagement during this COVID-19 era, many of the staff of Remita will have to be working from home.

This, however, is not expected to cause any disruption in services because, its employees, before now—at different times—have had to work from home, without any adverse impact, on productivity.


Remita operates flexible working hours, as an organisation that, ensures that, its expansive 3-floor HQ, does not accommodate, more than 20 persons, at a time, at this crucial period of maintaining social distancing.

Remita has, also, implemented limited access, to its office premises, by opening it to, only employees on essential duties.

Making provision for soap, water, infrared thermometers and alcohol-based sanitisers, to check and hygienise, all entrants at this period.

Virtual meetings

All face-to-face meetings, with customers/stakeholders, have forthwith, been moved online.

In view of these safety measures to this, if there have been meetings scheduled, between now and the next three, (3), weeks, the appropriate employee, would contact the customer, to reschedule the meeting to be held online.

24/7 Support

Remita has stated its resolve, to continuously, provide uninterrupted assistance, which its customers might require, at this period.

Remita has assured all its customers that, they can count on the Support Team, across all of Remita platform channels.

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