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COVID-19: MTN Joins other organisations to implement work from home

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Telecoms giant, MTN recently effected the work from home plan as swift measures to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

This step was taken to ensure the safety of its stakeholders as the outbreak ravages the world on a grand scale.

However, the telecoms platform has assured its users of keeping up with the continuity of business and ensuring connectivity.

MTN had stated, “Following official confirmation of Covid-19 cases in some of our markets, MTN Group has taken a series of precautionary measures to ensure continuity of services and the safety of its stakeholders including employees, customers, communities and suppliers against the potential outbreak.

Our services over this time will be even more critical, so a priority is ensuring network continuity, availability of spares and equipment and the upgrading of capacity.

We wish to assure our stakeholders that the implementation of precautionary measures will have a negligible impact on our operations. We need to “keep the connectivity lights on for our customers at all costs.”

MTN has already installed thermal scanners at their various facilities to detect abnormal body temperature and also ensured measures of hygiene such as hand washing and the use of sanitizers.

Asides from the work from home plan for its employees, MTN has also placed travel restrictions on an international journey and also drastically reducing local travels.

The telecoms giant has however implored its numerous customers, employees and stakeholders to avoid panic and take essential measures stated by health organisations to curtail the spread of the disease.

MTN has continued to monitor the case globally and has followed all relevant guidelines by the World Health Organisation and local health bodies.

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