Covid-19: List of Top ‘Work From Home’ Apps by Apple

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The pandemic spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) across the world has forced both government and private business organisations to shut down the workplace and workers have been encouraged to work from home.

The GDPs of countries across the world are drastically crashing and governments are already releasing a huge amount of funds to assist their citizens and help them stay afloat during this period.

But then, how do workers who now stay at home effectively work and still carry out what they will normally do when they are in their workplace?

To effectively ensure workers stay productive, Apple has released multiple apps via its App Store editorial listicle that users can download whilst working from home.

The tech giant has previously initiated a section that will give updates on coronavirus on its Apple News App where users can read articles on the pandemic and some weeks back, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple Inc, ordered a temporary shut down of all Apple retail stores outside of Greater China until March 27, and also committed $15 million to help with global recovery.

This editorial list of the “Apps for Working and Staying at Home” by Apple includes a variety of apps span across multiple categories that will give the desire results to workers.

The editorial list was published and made available to the global media on last week (Thursday) across various social media platforms.

Some of the categories of apps available on the app store include: Learn and Study from Home, Keep in Touch with Loved Ones, Connect With Your Coworkers, etc.

The apps categories were further broken down.

Apps under the ‘Learn and Study From Home’ are classified as Epic and you can find – Kids Books and Videos, Quizlet, and Khan Academy, etc.

The Apps under another category “Connect With Your Coworkers” carries apps such as Slack, Cisco Webex Meetings, Microsoft Teams’, etc.

Lastly, the category “Keep in Touch With Loved Ones” carries apps such as Houseparty, Snapchat, and Marco Polo, etc.

It is a trying period across the world but very soon we will conquer.

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