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COVID-19: Facebook Launches New Digital Literacy Resources for Kids, Parents

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The outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) has basically caused almost every industry to shut down the workplace and employers are now forced to initiate and encourage their workers to work at home.

Across the world, almost every place that encourages the large gathering of people has been shut down by the government until further notice and schools are not left out.

Parents have now started exploring the option of home tuition and online tutor to ensure that their kids stay abreast of educational activities which also limit them from visiting the darker corners of the web.

In order to effectively ensure that every student that has internet access in their homes continue to learn their academic works, Facebook has launched a new digital literacy resource for kids, parents and educators earlier this week.

The aim of this project by Facebook is to “provide quality lessons and resources to help young people develop the competencies and skills they need to safely navigate the internet”.

This project has simply been referred to as ‘Get Digital‘.

It comprises of several dedicated education areas, each of which features a video overview, and links to a range of tools and resources to efficiently help improve digital literacy.

Users will have the opportunity to participate and learn how to:

  • Learn how to easily navigate and stay safe online
  • Learn how to protect their personal information
  • Navigate content and information and learn how to know the real source of any information
  • Build positive and inclusive communities online by being kind and respecting others
  • Learn how to monitor their emotions and wellbeing, as well as developing a healthy habit for when and how to use technology effectively

Participants will also see modules on how technology is used for civic and political engagement, understanding algorithms, learning programming and web design basics, etc.

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