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COVID-19 Cases Now 238 In Nigeria As Nigerian Doctors Oppose Inviting Chinese Doctors

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With an additional Six, (6), new COVID-19 cases, recorded as on the evening of Monday, April 6, 2020, the number of those who have tested positive for the virus is now Two Hundred And Thirty-Eight, (238).

The update was made by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, which puts the number of those that have recovered and discharged at Thirty-Five, (35), with Five, (5), deaths recorded.

The Six, (6), new recorded cases, shows that, Kwara State too, has joined the States, having cases that has been tested positive, with Two, (2), cases recorded.

Edo State, also, has Two, (2), new cases, while the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and Rivers State have One, (1), new case each.

The Two Hundred And Thirty-Eight, (238), COVID-19 cases in Nigeria, shows that, Lagos State has One Hundred And Twenty, (120), cases, with the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, having Forty-Eight, (48), cases, as Osun State has Twenty, (20). Edo State has Eleven, (11), while Oyo State has Nine, (9), cases.

Bauchi State has Six, (6), cases, with Akwa Ibom and Kaduna States, have Five, (5), cases each. Ogun States has Four, (4), cases, while Ekiti, Enugu, Kwara and Rivers States, have Two, (2), cases, each. Benue and Ondo States have One, (1), case each.

Meanwhile, in response to the Governments decision, to invite a group of Eighteen, (18), doctors from China to help fight the coronavirus in Nigeria, the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, has criticized the move.

The Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, based their argument that the Chinese people are not yet out of the woods too and that, their arrival in Italy, to offer similar help, coincided with the spike in COVID-19 cases, in that country.

“Inviting the Chinese, who from available accounts, are not out of the woods themselves. The spike in cases and the death toll from COVID-19, in Italy, coincided with the arrival of the Chinese, in the guise of offering assistance. Even the United Nations has, only, just recently commended the efforts of Nigeria, so far” the NMA statement, monitored from Premium Times stated.

“The Association believes that, this invitation is, ill-timed and of no overbearing significance, considering that, whatever experiences the Chinese have, can be shared, by digital technology, through conferencing”, the statement NMA stressed.

“In rejecting the invitation of the Chinese doctors, the NMA would instead, urge the Federal Government, to review and approve, better welfare incentives, to the frontline medical personnel”, the statement concluded.

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