COVID-19: Breaking Through the Ocean of Online Noise

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With the Coronavirus pandemic not going down anytime soon, the chances of the world going back to normal are far-fetched.

For businesses, this may bring a feeling of halting their reopening and holding back on customer outreach.

However, is there a good timing for businesses and brands to act? No specific timing per se, but now might just be the time to act.

Failing to seize this moment might just be a recipe for your business lagging behind, meaning that while you are trying to keep your loyal customers, there are other opportunities you can explore.

Connecting to customers right now and trying to pivot, your business could be reaching put to new customers entirely, creating a new market for your brand.

With so much online noise that you need to break in reaching your customers due to COVID-19, here are ways you can keep up with the changes

Staying relevant

Adapting to the extremities presented by a crisis situation, is an indication of trying to stay relevant.

As a brand, you need to find ways to keep up being relevant as far as your customers are concerned.

What do you need to do to pivot in meeting up with the new needs of your customer?

A food restaurant for instance, in this time around, would have to probably move over to a full delivery model.

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This isn’t quite easy as profit margins have got stretched as a result of the pandemic.

Businesses like that could still stay in business, keeping their staff still employed and making customers safe.

Brands and businesses need to create an innovative model to stay relevant.

Are you afraid of repetition?

You may be likely worried that your customers are getting annoyed with your email marketing.

In this time, we live in a jampacked information age: processing information around staying safe, increase in the virus cases, wearing of face masks.

With the amount of noise filling the online space, businesses are in the struggle of competing for the limited customer’s attention.

So from all indications, you need not relent as you need to put your campaign in a repetitive mode.

You need to step up your email marketing campaign even to once in a weekly basis, but you can put more effort on your social media campaign.


In times like this, your customers want to know that you indeed care for them.

People have actually lost their loved ones, sending ripples of pains across the globe.

Jobs have also got lost too in the process. What can brands do in this case?

Little packages like making face masks, giving out hand sanitizers and relief materials in times like this go a long way.

Your customers want to see that, you are truly concerned about people’s plight in trying times like this.

Businesses are entering into a collaboration with other support agencies to facilitate support in various forms.

You may have thought of a collaboration with another brand, its time to bring it to fruition.

Only a bold and decisive step would make you have a breakthrough in the online noise.

Embrace relevance, repitition, and collaboration to keep your brand or business swim through the ocean of noise. Failure to do that, you may get lost in the vast ocean

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