COVID-19: Brands Can Explore this New Publishing Guide from LinkedIn

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LinkedIn recently published some new guidelines for important content trends in this COVID-19 pandemic.

They include tips on how users can maximise their connection and how brands are responding to the present crisis.

The 22-page guide contains helpful insights, but here is a summary of the essentials you can use.

First, LinkedIn has noted that the rate of engagement on its platform with content around COVID-19 has increased massively in previous months.

On average LinkedIn has always seen an increase in its users’ engagement.

However, the use has hit the sky in this lockdown period with increased engagement around COVID-19 content.

This could be a pointer that business executives and thought leaders are in constant search for answers and better understanding on how to deal with the pandemic.

The development has also see made it come top in the hashtag listings for the months in 2020.

Since the beginning of March, #coronavirus and #covid19 topped the listing

The question now is, how do businesses respond to the pandemic in terms of what they should do with COVID-19 related content?

What should brands post and how can they grow their audience in times like this?

Key trends to note

LinkedIn has highlighted three essential areas to focus on.

LinkedIn has provided overviews for each of the three areas, stating specifically what they mean for your content.

Reading the full report is worth it, as you get the outline of important opportunities for brands.

So also the way they can direct their content with respect to the needs and expectations of the LinkedIn community.

You might also not have considered some elements or probably some needs need utilised on the platform.

You can get the full report on “Content ideas for today’s evolving world of work” guide here.

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