COVID-19: 5 Must-Have Working Tools and Apps To Operate Remotely

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Today, thousands of people across the world have been infected with the coronavirus and while some people show early symptoms, others don’t, and they end up spreading the virus on a global scale.

As of today, the vaccine to effectively eradicate the COVID-19 has not been found and the only effective measures as advised by WHO and local public health officials is to imbibe cleanliness by washing our hands regularly and maintaining social distance.

Globally, the world has been hit with a crisis that is slowly spinning out of control. Business organisations have been forced to shut down, the stock market is crashing, and the government has now issued a stay at home order in other to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

A concept that most CEOs never took seriously is now being enforced as workers have now been advised to stay and work from home in other for the pandemic coronavirus to be effectively curtailed.

Some persons are already adapted to working from home while for some persons this may prove very difficult and directly or indirectly, the organisation that person works for will be affected due to the low productivity of the individual who just can’t work from home.

But thanks to these working tools and apps (outlined below), working from home just got easier.


This helps to create, assign and manage tasks effectively. Asana helps you to organize tasks according to your projects and serves as a connecting ground for your employees/team so that tasks are monitored and easily carried out.

Asana also gives you the leverage to export files from Google Drive, Dropbox, computer, and other cloud places all in one place.


This is basically the best time to explore the task and use it to the fullest if you want to stay in constant communication with your team members/employees.

Slack is an instant messaging, communication tool for teams and remote workers. It has great team management features for effective project management, assignment of teams in workgroups, and creating, reviewing employee and sales contracts, etc.


This is a cloud-based file storage and sharing platform, files, docs, images, and videos are stored, and share with others. It’s perfect if you want to relate to your team/employees.


Globally, Zoom has now become one of the most used tools for video conferencing and meetings.

It also facilitates and helps a large number of people in different parts of the world to communicate and video conference in a very seamless manner.


This is a popular tool amongst content developers and the media houses as it presents the perfect platform that even encourages working remotely.

It keeps all your notes organised then uploads them to the cloud and also saves the file across all of your devices.

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