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CORONAVIRUS: YouTube & Google Compile Resources for Students

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Tech giants, YouTube and Google have launched resource pages to assist teachers, parents, guardians help students to learn without being in the classroom in the wake of continuous COVID-19.

Teach From Home is the page on Google and it is offering various resources on how students can get taught in the remote structure while using Google products.

On the page can be found features like putting a video call through to a class by using Hangouts, an online quiz can also get executed via Google forms.

As the pandemic persists, Google has said the page will get updated continuously. Google is also providing a “Teach from Home toolkit,” on how to execute remote classes into slides.

The feature as at now is only available in the English Language, however, the toolkits are available in other languages; French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, and Danish, according to Google, more languages will get added soon.

Learn@Home, the resource from YouTube shows educative content on YouTube for students. The page has specifically categorised the learning resources into families with kids of more than 13 years of age and age five for preschoolers.

The social media video channel has also partnered with Khan Academy as well as other educative content creators to make learning from home quite interesting.

Like the Google resource, Learn@Home is available in English for now, but YouTube has indicated that the resource would be available in Spanish, Korean, French, Japanese, Italian and more languages.

The video platform is also launching a $10 million Distance Learning Fund which the company is putting up as part of its $50 million donations in response to the pandemic through, its philanthropic platform.

The philanthropic platform will give out a $1 million grant to the Khan Academy to assist remote learning.

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