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Coronavirus: Technology Deployment in Combating the Pandemic (2)

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This week, we introduced the role of technology in combating the coronavirus pandemic most especially using artificial intelligence, blockchain, and drones.

Today, we continue with other forms of technology that have helped to curtail the spread of the disease.

Advanced fabrics

Sonovia an Israeli startup has made plans to offer healthcare systems with face masks produced from fabrics having anti-bacterial and anti-pathogen contents

Develop drugs

DeepMind, a part of Google has leveraged the computing power of AI algorithms in understanding the makeup of the constituent protein in the coronavirus.

Another company, BenevolentAI is also using AI to develop drugs that combat the most dangerous disease and this company has now directed its resources to find ways of treating the coronavirus.

In the first week of the coronavirus outbreak, BenevolentAI proposed already available drugs that might prove useful in fighting the disease.

Chatbots sharing information

WeChat is operated by Tencent and the medium can be used to access online health consultations for free.

Chatbots too have also been effective in providing essential services in the travel industry, especially by providing updates on disruptions and procedures to travelers.

Computing power

Huawei, DiDi and Tencent have been using their supercomputers and cloud computing resources to speed the development of a vaccine for coronavirus.

These systems come with the speed that runs models very much faster than the standard computing devices.

Identifying infected or non-compliance cases

In China, surveillance system makes use of facial recognition technology alongside a temperature spotting device to detect suspected cases of people already infected.

A monitoring system called Health Code developed by the Chinese government make use of big data to assess individuals with respect to their travel history and probable exposure to the virus.

Chinese citizens are given color codes (green, red or yellow) which they access through WeChat to specify if they need to be quarantined or not.

From all indications, there is no doubt that the role of technology is huge in supporting the world in dealing with this deadly outbreak.

Featured Image: businessinsider

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