Coronavirus: Facebook Provides 4 Security Tips Necessary When Working from Home

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Due to the necessary lockdown, initiated by governments across the world, because of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have been forced to move their operations, online, working from home.

Working from home has now gone, full throttle, in many organisations that have mandated their workers, to work, online, from home, in order to keep the business moving.

Working from home, has its flip side, as most people will struggle to adapt to the changes and challenges that come with it.

The challenges are enormous, depending on how individuals adapt, but one challenge that is most worrisome is, cybersecurity.

Most organisations have their own VPN and other security systems that will ensure that, they are protected from external hackers.

The risk of a cyberattack is high, when working from home, with no extra layer of protection.

Hackers strive more, during periods, such as this, due to the simple fact that, people are likely to accept anything that looks real.

It is, highly, essential that online users protect themselves.

In order to, effectively, sensitise people about the danger of security breach, social media giant, Facebook has provided security tips that you can apply, when working from home.

These tips include:

Protect your Password

Users need to be very mindful of the kind of passwords that they use, at this period, as a weak password, will be cracked, easily, by hackers.

Make your password, very complex and difficult to guess.

Do not, also, use one password, across many platforms.

Ensure that, you can, easily, remember the password and do not share it with anyone.

I recommend that you, even, use a Password Manager, to manage your passwords.

Turn on Alert Login

Always turn on your login alert, as Facebook will swiftly update you, if someone tries to login to your account, from a device or browser that is not recognized.

Review your Login

It is, highly, essential that, you close past sessions that, you are no longer using and always update your phone number and email, so that, it will be very easy for you, if there comes a time, that you need Facebook to unlock it for you when you forget your password.

Be on the Lookout for Phishing and Scam

Be vigilant and do not trust any promotion, online, without verification.

Do not click, on any suspicious links, likewise, avoid messages that ask for personal information, money, or, from an unknown individual, claiming to be a close relation and in a dire situation.

Please, also, note that, Facebook will never ask you for your private information, so, be wary and so not respond, when you receive such requests.

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