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Coronavirus: AI & other Technology Deployment Combating the Pandemic

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Ever since the initial report on coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China. It has turned epidemic, spreading across more than 100 other countries.

China has however relied on its technological capacities, especially artificial intelligence and data science to monitor and combat the pandemic.

Tech companies are not left out as they collaborate with health and government bodies across the world to activate the power of technology.

Here are 5 ways technology is being deployed to combat COVID-19

Tracking and forecasting outbreaks

You can’t combat what you cant track. Through the analysis of news reports and documentation from the government, AI has the ability to detect an outbreak.

The ability to track this pandemic is what BlueDot provides through the application of  AI.

BlueDot using AI gave warnings on the disease a few days before the World Health Organization presented a general public warning.

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Diagnosing the virus

An Artificial intelligence platform, Infervision launched an AI solution that assists healthcare workers working in the front-line to monitor and detect the coronavirus.

This AI solution has provided improved the diagnosis of CT. Even, Alibaba, one of China’s largest e-commerce platform is not left out of the situation as they  have designed an AI-powered system which they claim can diagnose the virus at an accuracy of 96%

Processing healthcare claims

Asides the clinical operations of the healthcare system, the administrative divisions too are also getting taxed as more patients come in.

Ant Financial a blockchain organization has helped in speeding up claims and therefore reducing the required time for a face-to-face meet-up between the hospital staff and the patients.

Delivery of medical supplies

Drone delivery is the easiest and most reliable way to get medical supplies to the required destination in this time of the coronavirus outbreak.

Drone companies like Terra Drone in China use their aerial vehicles to move medical supplies so as to help minimise the risk of spread.

These drones are specifically used to track and monitor from non-compliance to quarantine mandates and to also execute some thermal imaging.

Sterilizing and delivering of supplies

Obviously robots can’t contract the virus, so they are getting deployed to perform multiple tasks including sterilizing and getting medical supplies to reduce human interaction

Blue Ocean Robotics have UVD robots that use ultraviolet rays to destroy the virus and bacteria

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