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Copy Any Encrypted Web Content with these Chrome Tools

Bloggers and content developers are begining to encrypt their content on the web. The primary reasons are not far fetched. They are cautious of the time and energy put in to generate those contents. And they want to protect them and limit plagiarism which has become rampant.
Some times, the intention may not necessarily be to plagiarize or steal content. Hence, other reasons one would want to copy content from a webpage.
Let’s say you are student and you stumble on an interesting content on the web while carrying out an assignment. You try to copy some part of the content and you are not able to do that simply because it was encrypted. You can imagine how frustrating that could be.
On the other hand, some people could have a mischievous reason for copying contents from a webpage. Such as reproducing verbatim such content on their own platforms.
In this article, you will learn two ways things: How to enable right click option on a right click disabled webpage and how to copy any encrypted content.
Disclaimer: Please know this article is not intended to promote or lure anybody to violate the laws of copyright or plagiarism.

Let’s go:

1. Install the Chrome “Javascript Switcher” Extension
The Chrome Quick JavaScript Switcher can be installed from the chrome webstore. It allows you to copy contents from a encrypted webpage. Follow this steps to use this option
  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Open Webstore from Apps option (left side of your browser)
  3. In the search box, type “Quick JavaScript Switcher” and hit enter.
  4. Add to Chrome
  5. Click Add Extension when prompted.
2. Install Chrome “Allow Copy”
This works similarly as to the JavaScript Switcher and same procedures in enabling the extension. “Allow Copy” allows us copy from copy protected pages on websites.
  1. Launch Chrome browser and open a new tab
  2. Open Webstore from Apps option (left side of your browser)
  3. In the search box, type “Allow Copy” and hit enter.
  4. Click on the green tab – Add to Chrome
  5. Add Extension when prompted.
Now you should be able to copy that encrypted webpage content. When doing your research, and can’t copy from a page, or when you rightclick and a pop up shows telling you that the option is disabled, on the website, click either the Allow Copy or Quick JavaScript Switcher chrome extensions whichever you are using. Once it is enabled, you can go ahead and copy.

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