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6 things to Consider When Pitching to Get Business Funding

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Directly or indirectly, when we were kids up to teenage years, we have tried at a particular time in our lives to convince and explain something to our parents, in order to get them to give us money for something.

Sometimes, it works. Sometimes it does not. What we did at that particular time is literally pitching.

Pitching is a way, in which we convince business partners, or, colleagues about a new business idea, in order to get them to invest, or, key into the business.

Having a great business idea alone, would not get you the fund you need until you learn how to pitch your ideas to investors properly.

There are certain things that you need to know and learn about before you pitch your ideas to investors and these are highlighted below:

Rehearsal: Try, as much as possible to have a proper rehearsal by inviting your friends over and pitch your idea to them, before pitching your ideas to real investors, as this will prepare you somewhat adequately.

Have your friends quiz you critically and at the end of the exercise ask them to give you honest feedback.

You can also practice in front of a large mirror to watch how you will look to the investors or judges when the actual pitching is going on.

Background Research On Investors: This ensures that you have a clear understanding of what the investors want and it will make the job of convincing them much easier for you.

Be Confident: What investors like most, when an individual stands in front of them to pitch their business idea, is to feel their confidence level.

Your confidence level shows how sure you are, about the idea you are pitching.

Being confident about the success rate of the business will give the investors some clues on what to expect, in terms of the growth of the business.

Hit The Nail On The Head: Try as much as possible, not to impress the investors with long sentences and figures. Go straight to the point in a sweet, simple and concise manner.

Present Realistic Financial Graph: Ensure that your financial graph is realistic, as some investors will jettison the idea of investing in the business.

If you present a financial graph that shows that, your company will make an outrageous amount in just a few years.

Your financial graph must show a realistic figure. Do not overemphasize it, in order to impress the investors.

Introduction Of Your Team: Introduce all your team members to the investors and also outline their expertise.

Present your management team and explain to the investors, how their money will be properly managed for investment growth.

Finally, enjoy yourself, when pitching to investors and do not act or seem too desperate or panicky.

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