Conflict Resolution In your Workplace, How Important it Is

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Conflict in the workplace, is inevitable, as employees have different goals, are from different backgrounds and reasons differently.

Conflict resolution can also be seen, as part of a healthy relationship.

In every gathering involving two or more people, conflict is bound to happen, based on conflicting interests and thoughts, concerning particular issues or ideas.

The key is not to avoid conflict because, in the real sense of it, it cannot be avoided, but to learn how to resolve it in a healthy way.

When conflict is not properly taken care of, it can cause great harm to a relationship and cause disaffection, which may adversely affect the company.

When properly managed, however, it can strengthen the bond between two or more people, within the company.

Conflict resolution as stated by Wikipedia is conceptualized, as the methods and processes involved, in facilitating the peaceful ending of conflict and retribution.

It can, also, be defined as a process, where two, or, more parties find a way to resolve differences.

What Causes Conflict?

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Conflict arises due to conflicting opinions, ideas, interests, views and values.

Nobody is ready to submit to each other’s desires, due to personal egos. Everybody wants to be right at the same time.

Conflict arises from differing needs, for example, in the conflict between teenagers and their parents, teenagers desire to make exploration of the new horizon through meeting new friends and going places, while, the parents need, is to protect the children and ensure their safety.

So, limiting exploration becomes a problem. The needs of both parties are important here, to make the relationship successful and they both deserve consideration.

Let us examine some ways in which conflicts can be handled, in workplaces:

Identify the source of the problem

Gather information about the cause of such conflict, so, you know how to properly handle such situations.

Be fair enough as a leader to hear both party’s sides will know how the story goes.

It gives you a better understanding of the situation.

Look beyond the incident

Sometimes, the parties involved in the conflict have gone beyond the main problem, which can, even, be a minor one and have begun attacking each other personally.

Request for solutions

After a fair hearing, between the two parties, the next step is to ask them, how the conflict can be resolved.

In their own opinion, what do they think can be done, for such conflict not to occur again and as a mediator, you have to be a good listener.

Identify solutions both parties can support

You should make them understand, how important it is, to work as a team and learn to tolerate each other, for the growth of the company.


The two parties have to carry out an action that shows that, the conflict has been resolved, by either shaking each other, or, hugging each other, to show that the dispute between them is over.

When you understand that, conflict resolution, is inevitable and you are able to come to terms with how to handle such, in an environment of compassionate understanding, it opens pathways for stronger and better relationships.