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Concept Of Content Creation For Social Media In 2019 And Beyond

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A while ago, if you had asked me, what content creating is, I would have told you that, it was a term used for an artist.

I saw it as a complex field, meant for photographers, videographers and the likes, so, I never considered myself a content creator.

Despite this though, I realised that almost everyone on social media, was talking about content and this lead me to carry out research on what content creating, truly meant.

What I found has enlightened me on the workings in that field.

Upon carrying out research, I realized that content creating, in simple terms, is storytelling, with the aim of communicating a message, to an audience.

Better still, content is a part of our everyday life. From talking to a friend, about an event, to writing a story about it, taking pictures and videos, are all engaged, in content creating.

From this, we can see that content creating, has been in existence, before the establishment of the social media platforms.

I mean, news reporters, broadcasters, orators, writers and many more, have always told one story, or, the other, using a different medium.

If you were following me, you would already realize that social media is a tool for storytelling, which also means that, there are other tools.

Some include TV, radio, books and any tool you use, to tell your story.

That said; how did this become a thing on social media? Well, with the rise of online business, came the rise of online marketing and then, the need to tell a story about the product that communicates its benefits, to prospective buyers, which converts to sales, for the business.

This tells that, there is the need, for a particular type of content that can convert to sales for businesses.

Now, talking about the type of content that resonates with the audience and can convert.

When creating content, your aim should be, any of these; to teach, to inform, to entertain, or, in most cases, a combination of the aforementioned. At this stage, you should know your audience.

Somewhat, content that resonates, with them, as well, as what actions you want from them, which could either be to engage, to visit your site and ultimately, generate revenue for your company.

Content creation for social media involves the process, of generating ideas that, appeal to your audience and making it readily available, in the required format, such as, through a blog, video, infographics, or, any other format. Can you now see that you too can create content?

I could say, start creating content now, but I know that, you have been creating content, a long time ago, from your selfies to your boomerang.

You must, therefore, be so good. I would rather say, then, that start creating content for, not just you, but for an audience, putting their needs into consideration and having an expectation.

That, should be your concept, behind content creating, in 2019 and beyond.

Now, tell me about your content creation journey for social media by sending feedback here.

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