Codefest International Opens 300 Innovation Challenge

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The 300 Innovation Challenge is an online project organized by Codefest International in partnership with India STEM Alliance.

In this challenge, participants are invited to present their individual projects which suffices unique solutions to National or Global problems.

The goal of this Innovation Competition is to enable participants who have been working on developing prototypes and more fully demonstrated innovations the chance to compete for prizes to support their next stages in the development of their “real world” ideation and concept demonstration experiences.

Hence, this will encourage innovation among young people and imbibe in them the interest of utilizing technological tools in solving National and Global problems.

Objectives of the project
  • To develop new competencies
  • To create new products
  • To encourage the utilization of technological tools
  • To promote STEM
  • To attract new clients and stakeholders
Guidelines for participation
  • The 300 Innovation Challenge is open to kids/teenagers from the age of 6-17 within the junior (primary school) and senior (secondary school)
  • The kids can develop apps, games & webpages using any of these programming languages; Scratch, HTML, Python.
  • The cost of participation is #1,000 per individual.
  • Participants should be exclusively students who are not organizers, volunteers, judges, sponsors, or in any other privileged position in Codefest International.
  • Participants can of course gain advice and support from parents, organizers, volunteers, and others during the challenge.
  • All work on a project should be done by the participant.
  • Participants are allowed to submit more than one project per entry.
  • Projects must be submitted before the stipulated deadline to make entry valid.
  • Participants can be disqualified from the competition at the organizers’ discretion. Reasons might include but are not limited to breaking the Competition Rules and other unsporting behavior.
  • Participants are also required to record a very short video of themselves explaining what their project entails and problems the project looks at solving. Videos should be less than one minute in length.
  • Participants are allowed to broadcast their project online awareness in order to accumulate likes and comments from the general public. More likes and comments on a project posted on Codefest International social media platforms, more points for the

The competition will take place online using the Discovery Education platform. Individual login details will be issued upon registration & payment.

The competition will kick off on Wednesday, May 27, 2020, and will span through till Friday, June 26, 2020.

The judges are experts drawn from various Educational and Technology industries, both local and international.

Benefits of participation
  • Become STEM ambassadors to their respective schools.
  • Have their profiles on our websites and all our online platforms.
  • Have their stories and projects featured on news media in Nigeria.
  • Receive sponsored gifts from the organizers.
Project areas to innovate on
  • Health – Prevention tips or control of COVID19
  • Traffic – Reduce Population
  • Mathematics – formula generator, Shapes Identifier, etc.
  • English – Word Play, Spelling Bee, etc.
  • Art, music and Sports
Coding Environment

The Discovery Education learning environment will be used for 300 Innovation Challenge.

  • Each participant will get a login information after successfully registering for this challenge via this link
  • Early registered participants will have the opportunity to practice and get familiar with the Discovery Education coding environment before commencement of the challenge.
  • Projects can be saved on both the Discovery Education platform and on participant’s local computer.
  • Email will be provided by Codefest International for participant’s submission. Participants are required to submit both their project’s URL that can be gotten from the Discovery Education and also their project files for easy supervision by judges.
How to submit
  • Send your project link to Codefest
  • Codefest publishes your project on our social media page for visibility and shares the post link with you.
  • Use the post link to invite friends and family to like/comment/share
  • Remember this amounts to 50% of your winning chance

Codefest International is recognized by global STEM institution in STEM education.

The body has produced award-winning kid ambassadors who are innovators and programmers at primary and secondary school level.

Notably, Amb. Basil Okpara Jr (9 years old), one of the alumni from our 5 day kids coding bootcamp and Amb. Afam Divine Ifediogor (15 years old), an animator and game developer who is currently building a game ‘Battle of Food’ under IdeaReal Game Company which he founded with his friends.

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