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Cloudy Black Sunday For Zoom Users as They Were Locked Out

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It was indeed a black Sunday for millions of Zoom users, as numerous reports were lodged, by users, stating their inability to join and host a conference.

Ever since the novel coronavirus has become a global phenomenon, ravaging lives, the lockdown has been issued by many governments.

With many people have shifted to connecting with their loved ones, friends, employers/employees and business partners, via communicating tools, such as video calling.

To stay connected and still keep work going, most organisations, (Business and religion), have picked video conferencing, as the surest way to, effectively, communicate and one video calling app that has gained more popularity, ever since the lockdown is, the Zoom app.

Millions of people across the world have downloaded the zoom app and it is, arguably, one of the most downloaded and used app, in the world, due to how it accommodates it, users.

Its ability to give its users, the option of hosting unlimited numbers of meetings was, also, a great plus for the app.

In spite of the well-documented fact that, the app posed cybersecurity risks, (which is said to have been rectified), millions of people are still using it.

But on Sunday, thousands of users were neither able to join, nor host conference on the app, while others complained of not seeing, or hearing other participants on the video app.

Zoom swiftly tweeted about it, by stating that its team was investigating the issue. “Our team is investigating the root cause of issues, joining Zoom Meetings. These issues, appear to be limited, to a subset of users”, the tweet explained.

“Zoom users impacted, by this issue, should now be able to host, join & participate in Zoom Meetings & Video Webinars, if they restart their sessions.

We continue to assess & monitor. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused”, another tweet from Zoom, assured, some few hours later.

Details about what caused the lockout, were not, however, given by Zoom spokesperson, but apologies were tendered to all its users.

Featured Image: techcrunch

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