Cloud Computing Services; How Firms Can Avoid The Cost Of Maintaining Their Own IT infrastructure

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The world is now a global village and there are, billions of data that, are being exchanged, every nanosecond.

These data needs to be stored and effectively, used, to generate verified facts that will be beneficial, for the rapid development of the country.

Understanding cloud computing can be looked at, from a different angle, but it has been widely agreed and accepted, as being a form of hosting, a wide range of internet-related activities.

These services include; Software-as-a-Service, (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service, (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service, (PaaS).

Cloud computing services provide an exceptional infrastructure and create a level playing ground that, SMEs scattered around the country, can exploit and use to maximum effect, for the growth of their organization.

There are some distinctive traits that, distinguish cloud computing services, from the traditional model of web hosting.

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It is readily available and sold on demand.

Users have the ability, to choose, either, a small service, or, high service.

A service provider is, readily, available and users need not worry, as long as, they have fast internet access and the availability of a laptop.

The user’s workload is, not a problem, as it will keep running.

The flexibility of movement, from one cloud, to another, seamlessly.

These services are subdivided into three parts, namely, the public, the Hybrid and the private.


Public based cloud computing services, basically, make their services available, for everyone and anyone, on the internet, e.g., Amazon web services are, readily, available and it is ranked, as the largest cloud computing service that is, public, followed by Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM.

The Hybrid

The hybrid cloud alludes to the combination of private cloud computing services.

Companies can form a partnership and use the public cloud computing service, to strike up demand, while using the private cloud computing service, to process the critical workload.


Private cloud computing platforms, can also, be referred to, as data centres. Only certain numbers of individuals can the hosted services be supplied to.

The service offer tons of advantages that, all kinds of businesses, can leverage, to avoid the cost of maintaining their own, (IT infrastructure, which is very expensive), giving them quick access to computer resources.

For the past 5 years, there has been a gradual upsurge, of cloud computing services centres in Nigeria, unlike before, when cloud computing services penetration, was very low.

There are, over 35 data centres, in Nigeria that, can rival any data centre in the world.

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The competition among cloud computing service providers, in Nigeria, is, stronger, thereby, prompting them, to distinguish themselves, through the services that, each offers.

According to Oyaje Idoko, CEO Layer3, “it helps, if Nigeria needs, to start promoting their own because that is, the only way, through which, we can grow, to be very competitive, with similar companies, in other parts of the world. If we do not appreciate our own developers and service providers, who will help?”

There has been a spike, in the number of private individuals/organizations, government, research facilities, who are now eager, to get their businesses uploaded, in cloud computing services.

Nigeria has the capacity, to build the biggest data centre on the continent, but I feel that it is, a waste of time and resources. All that, the country needs to do is, invest in all the cloud computing services that, we have in Nigeria.

Irrespective of all the issues that, the cloud computing service industry is facing, in terms of the non-availability of power and so on, the industry still stands a good chance, of growing, at an exponential rate, due to the fact that, people now understand that, this industry is, a goldmine and the country, will benefit from it.

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