Download the Citizens Ballot Watch Mobile App for Election 2015

Citizens Ballot Watch App

One of the reasons I love technology is that it has the ability of reducing corruption or malpractices to the barest minimum if the right solutions are developed and deployed, backed with proper intentions.

With the launch of the Citizens Ballot Watch App, Blueray Systems & Solutions Limited, a Nigerian based IT company has taken a bold step by empowering citizens to make the 2015 election the most credible ever. With the CBW app, you can bet that the credibility and the transparency of the Nigerian electorate system has just received a boost as long as the citizens the app has been developed for make the most of it.

The mobile app enables individuals to actively partake in the election monitoring process by capturing photos, videos and data of scenarios as they occur and uploading them accordingly. All data collected are transferred to a secured server. You have a responsibility to ensure that whatever happens within your location is captured as much as possible – this is the importance of technology!

Truth is that the success of any process lies on both the leaders as well as the followers. If you have a particular candidate you prefer should lead then you can take it a step further by using this tool to ensure that your vote for them is protected.

Download the mobile app and get ready to perform your civic duty in a smarter way.