Chiniki Guard; Curbing Shopping Theft With Technology

Chiniki Guard - cfamedia

Theft is one of the challenges encountered by retail shop owners. This act of theft has caused a shrinkage in a number of retail stores.

This act is undeniable and it happens virtually across the country. Local retail store owners seek solutions to curb this theft challenges.

The motivation behind Chiniki Guard, started as a curiosity of learning and playing with new technologies, at the beginning of 2018.

The team lead was interested in AI, with the aim of classifying human actions, which led to him bringing people who had the same vision with him and they began to play with technology, which, in the long run, birthed Chiniki Guard.

Chiniki Guard - cfamedia

Founded by Abdulhakim Bashir, a deep learning engineer, Umar Dachia a co-founder/CTO, A software developer, Huzaifa Yakubu Musa a co-founder and an IT professional and Ahmad Abdulnasir Shuaib a software developer.

At the time they started, they had no product in mind, but the news about shoplifters kept spreading and they thought that, they could use what they have learned, to create a solution on the shoplifter’s activity.

By September 2018, they started carrying out research on market validation, dataset collection and cleaning.

Chiniki Guard - cfamedia

The research continued to expand their ideas and now, the machine is ready with the ability to detect 101 human actions and these actions can be classified.

Chiniki guard is an app that helps in detecting the crimes of shoplifters. The purpose of the app is to help retailers from losing profits to dishonest employees and customers.

Chiniki guard notifies you on any activity going on in your store, especially, that of the theft activity. It operates in the form of a video, a mobile app and a dashboard.

Chiniki guard can easily identify the activity of a shopper, through the CCTV camera. After detecting such action, a signal is sent to the retailer, through the app, notifying them of a shopper’s activity at that time.

Chiniki Guard - cfamedia

The cameras are sharp, in such a way that, it alerts you on suspicious actions. They have worked with SUFI MART, AU MAI NASARA and JIFATU stores, under mutual agreement.

They have recently participated in Pitch Deck at Startup Friday, organized by NITDA, under its specialized office of innovation, OIIE. They have also been supported by CCHub Nigeria.

Chiniki guard today, has partners from Startups, hubs and retail stores, which s them the ability to test the validation of their app, to understand how the app can better serve their purpose.

Chiniki guard is working towards making the app, go beyond retail stores, to other sectors, as well. It is, currently, employing the tool of Facebook, to reach its audience, but still working on other platforms.

Chiniki guard is an app that can help curb crime in Nigeria, if better developed. Here is a link to a demonstration of how the app works.

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