China is Advancing the State of Mobile Wireless Network to 6G

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The world of wireless connectivity is yet to fully explore the prospects of 5G as even Africa is yet to grasp its potential fully.

While still grappling with this connectivity challenge, somewhere in the eastern part of the world, China is already exploring the prospects of 6G.

Sometime this week, the science and technology ministry of China created teams to make research and study 6G.

The teams consist of the country’s government department who will be responsible for carrying out the 6G execution as well as experts from educational institutions and corporate organisations whose responsibility in the project is to offer technical advice that would determine the Chinese government’s decision on 6G.

The 5G which is the fifth generation of a mobile wireless network can transmit data at a speed 10 times faster than the previous 4G.

With these amazing features the 5G network has to offer, one cant says explicitly what the 6G network would bring to the table.

Towards the end of 2019, China aims to create one of the biggest global 5G network structure as it plans to set off more than 130,000 5G stations.

One of its regional neighbours, South Korea had already launched the 5G structure in April this year.

While online gamers in the region may have enjoyed the speed of the 5G network, it may not offer the same efficiency to businesses as it may take up to 10 years to see its effect.

China’s Huawei may just have a major role to play in the whole 5G narrative as the company boasts to be the world’s largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer.

The company supplies 5G base stations globally, though the United States has passed strong warnings concerning over Huawei’s apparent global influence in telecommunications.

This, however, hasn’t stopped the Chinese government from carrying out a project on developing 6G.

China sees the 6G as a technology that ought to be treated with an utmost priority at this stage of world development especially with advances in modern trends in technology.

According to China’s Vice Minister of Science and technology, Wang Xi, had announced that China will commence a draft that will lead to the development of the 6G network as well as its applications.

This pronouncement of the 6G technology development may just pose an unlikely threat to the United States.

This may lead to more watchful eyes and major scrutiny of China’s telecoms company as Huawei though not named, but might as well be the tech company on championing the development of the 6G technology.

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