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At any specifically given time, software giant Microsoft, always update its software and carry out some upgrades, (which may be major, or minor), in order to provide more protection, against cybersecurity threat and also, ensure that users data are safe.

The tech giant has released the much-expected Windows 10 updates, which have been, widely, referred to as Windows 10 2004. The updates are set to get rolled out this week.

Lots of new and exciting features, specifically, targeted to give users great experiences and ensure better protection, has been unveiled.

Some of these new features include, the newly added GPU card temperatures, a super smart and exciting Cortana experience, Task Manager, Network Status page, etc.

Check out below, top of the list released security features:

Improved System Guard Secure Launch

The system guard ensures firmware devices are, accurately, loaded without issues that affect operations.

According to Microsoft, this feature that servers as check and balance, have been updated.

The updated version of the System Guard Secure Launch, will carry out a more effective check and balance measures.

However, the flip side is that, this updated feature, will not work on old devices. It will, only, be effective on modern hardware.

Improvement in Windows Sandbox

The Windows sandbox, which, gives users the ability to launch a virtual machine and also, gives room for users to experiment, on a dangerous app, without affecting the Windows, has seen a massive improvement, via this upgrade.

The updated Windows Sandbox app include features, such as extensive support, for configuration files, audio configuration, Microphone support, Ease of Access dialog – Shift+Alt+[print screen], full-screen mode exit – CTRL+Alt+[break].

WIFI 6 and WPA3 gets more support

The new Windows 10 update, now supports the latest upgraded version, of WiFi 6 and the WPA3.

The most unique thing about both Windows 10 upgraded features is that, it offers more protection against dangerous attacks, such as the dreaded KRACK, DragonBlood, etc and allows secure and safer connections, to WiFi networks.

New and Improved Security Baselines

The Windows 10 2020 updates have seen a new and improved security baseline that ensures better protection. It ensures that, basic security measures are, effectively, running and at alert, for a baseline security breach.

Other security updates that come with the Windows 10 May 2020 include, extensive Fido2 support, Windows Hello, New OS “Cloud Recovery Option” and the New Secured-Cores technology.

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