Cchub, Others Unveil 10 Agritech Start-ups at the Africa4Future Virtual Showcase

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Africa4Future showcase, a virtual event organised by CcHUB, Airbus Bizlab, GIZ, UP42, and Endeva showcased 10 companies from 7 African countries on Thursday, June 11, 2020.

These agritech startup companies unveiled at the Africa4Future showcase are building solutions that are creating new benchmarks for yield prediction.

Making access to finance easier for farmers, reducing post-harvest losses through innovative logistics infrastructure and improving productivity for livestock farmers, amongst others.

Here are the agritech startups that participated at the Africa4Future showcase


Is making formal financing accessible to smallholder farmers through technology.

The start-up has built a channel that enables payments by farmers and to farmers.

Banks simply sign-in, find groups of vetted farmers that are ready to receive credit and fund them directly.

XY Analytics

Uses IoT, Machine learning and data science to facilitate the digital transformation of the agriculture value chain.

The start-up has built a pasture management app for cattle farmers, to help manage and improve the quality of their pasture.


Uses AI and Satellite data to help farmers improve their yield and develop sustainable agriculture.

AgriEdge helps Farmers improve sustainably their yield by providing them strategic recommendations on their main actions in the field such as:

Fertilization, Irrigation, Pest management and Yield prediction by using Data and Hybrid models combining Artificial intelligence and Agronomic Knowledge.


Uses technology to enable smallholder farmers access finance, advisory services, and premium markets for maximum productivity.

Agrorite is the technology solution that connects the farmers to high-impact social financing, credits, advisory, access to finance, and premium markets for maximum productivity


The mission of this start-up is to create a perfect market by optimizing supply chains to match demand and supply, enabling Africans to live a life of abundance by digitizing agriculture and consumer goods


A full-stack AI company delivering AI projects starting from image annotation to creating training data all the way to accessing models via API.

Rural Farmers Hub

This company is poised to accelerate and optimize commercial farming, by providing tailored agronomic advice to farmers.

An agritech company that has developed proprietary software that measures satellite indices and compares them with verifiable datasets to provide tailored agronomic advice to local farmers in their local language, via SMS, Voice call, and Village agents.

Grow For Me

A web-based Agriculture crowdfunding platform that sponsors farmers to grow more crops, increasing earnings for both farmers and sponsors.

Grow For Me is a web-based Agriculture crowdfunding platform that sponsors farmers to grow more crops, increase their earning potential and reduce food insecurity in Africa.

Sponsors make 50% of the profit after selling the harvest.

Flamingo Foods

This agritech start-up uses cutting-edge climate tech, to forecast food deficit and surplus areas before they are known and proactively react to food insecurity by supplying most severe regions with food staples.


Is a cloud technology consulting company revolutionizing infrastructure monitoring using satellite imagery.

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