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Causes & Solutions to “App Can’t Install” Issues

Let’s say you tried installing an App from the Google Play store and it tells you “message error, can’t install App,” it’s usually frustrating.

There are some reasons why this could be happening. In this article, we are looking at the possible causes and its solutions.

1. Using an outdated version of Android OS

Many smartphones users think it is not important to keep their OS updated. It won’t hurt you either to upgrade your OS to the latest released version. Some apps just will not install on an older version of Android OS.


 You need to update the OS.

Open Settings
Scroll down ‘About’
Select ‘Software Updates’ and check for any updates.
If there is one, then do the upgrade.

At times, your phone prompts you to update your OS, please do so as soon as you can.

2. Insufficient Storage Space

This is the major reason why an app can’t be installed. Apps need space to install, and whatever space is left after installing should be enough for the normal running of your phone.

So if you are out of space, the app simply won’t install even after downloading. At times Play store will ask you to remove some files and apps to create space.


Now will be time to go through your phone and remove apps you no longer use. You can check what is taking up space on your phone by opening Settings, then Storage.

If your phone allows external storage like SD card, you can move files from internal memory to the SD card to create space for the app you intend installing.

3. Uncleared Google Playstore Cache

Clogged up cache in Playstore could also be the reason for this error. As a matter of fact, make it a habit to be clearing the cache every now and then.

To clear cache from your Google Play store
Open Settings > Apps > Google Playstore > Scroll down and select ‘Clear Cache’.

Some phone users install some apps that claim to auto clear your cache and save your battery, I personally don’t subscribe to that though.

4. Do a Factory Reset on your Phone

This step is like an almighty formula. It fixes almost every bug on smartphones. Again, let us know that factory reset clears everything data on your phone, so it will be wise to backup.

How to factory reset your phone

Open Settings > Back up and Reset > if you want to back up data, input your Google mail in the option. Then check down and hit on Reset Phone.

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