Tech Tips

Can’t Receive SMS: How to Resolve it

It could be frustrating when you stop receiving any text messages. Probably you can send out but can’t receive. Here are the solutions to the issue.

It should console you that your phone is not completely damaged; neither do you need a replacement for the SIM, phone or any hardware. All that needs to be done is to find out where the glitch is. You can totally handle it.

1. Check if the device is in Ghost mode

Mobile devices with the Android Lollipop 5.0 have a user account feature that protects one’s data when you give out your phone to someone. This feature is known as Ghost Mode. This prevents new messages from entering your inbox. Here is how to remove your phone from guest mode:

  • Open notification bar of your Android device
  • Tap the user icon twice
  • A list of profiles will show, choose your desired option.

2. Clear up old and unimportant texts

Most of us just allow our inbox to fill up with unnecessary texts, even promotional text. Delete the SMS that you do not need again. Switch off your phone for some minutes and then turn it on. The SMS will start pouring in.

3. Make sure your default SMS app is set right

If the default location for text messaging is not set to your phone’s SMS app but rather to a third party app, then no text gets delivered to your phone’s inbox. At least you won’t see them coming in.

When you are using a third party messaging app, it might be the source of this problem. First of all, make sure it is updated to the latest version. Clear the cache and then restart your phone.

Google’s Hangout is sometimes the case here too.

To make sure it is not getting your text, open Hangout, go to settings and check if it is the default SMS app, if it is, changes it back. Remove any third party SMS app you installed if the problem persists, send a text to yourself to confirm.

4. Reset your device

I always don’t like out journey reaching here. But sometimes the problem is from the phone itself. A factory reset operation is necessary. As usual, make sure you back up your data.

A readily available option is your Google account. Check online how to perform a reset on your specific phone type as they vary by phone.

5. Contact your Network Service Provider

The fault might actually be from your service provider. It is either from your SIM or from the side of your network provider. To confirm this, simply give them a call as they are in the best position to know the cause because they can see everything from their side.

For better and easier results, do not call them from the phone in issue, just have it close by in case they might be asking questions, in which I am sure they will ask.

Basically, your network provider or the person who picks up should be able to take you off and reconnect you back to a stronger connection. This is sure to solve the issue of not being able to receive text messages. This is called Power Cycling, much more like switching off and on your phone.