Canon’s Creative Park to keep Families Off Boredom While at Home

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Papercraft ideas to help entertain the family while staying indoors during this coronavirus pandemic

During this time of uncertainty, it can be difficult to find new ways to keep families entertained whilst remaining indoors, with many looking to learn new skills and keep minds active.

Canon’s free Creative Park is on hand to help keep people occupied with thousands of fun papercraft kits available through the website and mobile app, to bring the whole family together creatively.

From personalised greeting cards and calendars to picture frames and 3D art, Creative Park makes crafting simple and fun with easy to follow instructions.

From tiny tots to seasoned crafters, Creative Park has something that will challenge and inspire people of all ages to unleash their creativity, by simply downloading and printing one of the easy design templates.

To help get started, here’s a selection of Creative Park crafts to keep the whole family busy:

Help combat loneliness with a personalised card

During this period of social distancing, loneliness will be more prevalent than ever.

But its never been simpler for people to show they are thinking of someone than with a hand crafted, personalised card from Creative Park.

With multiple designs for every occasion, crafters can show their loved ones just how much they care even when they can’t see them in person.

Bring the outside in

While a trip to the Zoo might be temporarily on hold, why not create your own safari or zoo at home?

Parents can spend some time making paper animals with their kids and with everything from cats to capybaras, they are sure to find their favourite animal amongst the selection of templates available.

Children can truly transport themselves with one of the dioramas which will help them imagine the environments their favourite animal might live in.

Or, they can try to alleviate boredom with a striking white tiger or a cuddly looking giant panda, not forgetting to give them a home in this Asian Bamboo forest.

Spark your child’s curiosity

With schools closed and children having to stay home at the moment, its very important they have time for creativity and opportunities to learn new skills.

Creative Park hosts a plethora of educational content to support and stimulate pre or primary school children during this time.

Engaging activities such as pop-up fairytales, picture matching flashcards, puzzles and time telling tools offer different challenges for children of different ages.

Help children tell the time with the paper clock or practice naming everyday items with Flash Cards (Everyday Items).

Hobbies At Home

For many, spending extra time at home allows people the time to brightening up their space.

From wall hangings and decorations to ornate floral paper crafts, Creative Park has a collection of patterns that enable homemakers to add personal touches to their home.

Take creativity even further with the Creative Park app. Easily personalise paper creations with text and photos for a one of the kind design.

Simply download the free app and create a Canon ID to get access to a world of creative materials that will stave off boredom.

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