Can SMEs Survive, Without Influencer Marketing, On Social Media?

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Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy, which involves an influencer, or, influencers, endorsing a product, or, service.

An influencer is considered an expert, in a particular field and is capable of influencing consumer’s behavior, towards a product.

This marketing strategy has proven, to be effective over time, as big brands include celebrities in their advert campaigns, for the sake of the influence they could possibly have on their brand.

That said, this strategy is being employed, by many more small businesses, but some still have a negative attitude, towards it.

With the age of social media and online marketing, most small businesses, have taken to the use of influencer marketing, as a key strategy, in advertising their goods and services.

While this is a good strategy and a great initiative, there remains the question on the lips of some and that is; can SMEs survive, without influencer marketing, on social media?

This question may seem out of place, as there have been small businesses, even, before the advent of marketing strategies.

However, the world is now a global market and small businesses no longer compete against peers, but also against brands that they do not know.

Hence, it is advisable that they apply all efforts in their strategy.

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And guess what? Even in their early days, businesses use word of mouth in their marketing strategy, an approach, influencer marketing has applied successfully.

Social media is a great tool, for every business to flourish, but could be the downfall of businesses, if not well utilised.

This is because; this tool relies heavily on ‘word of mouth marketing’. How? According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family, over all other forms of advertising.

Imagine, therefore, what the effect of a couple of good words from influencers would do, to your business, in terms of driving patronage!

Over time, studies have shown that consumers online, tend to engage more, with businesses that have a human presence on their page.

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Take, for instance, you come across two businesses online, both involved in the same services.

One has a social media page that shows pictures on individuals, using its products and the other, just shows pictures of the products they sell.

Which are you likely to buy from? If you ask me, I would go for the former and so, would most other potential customers.

Before you, even, ask, as a small business, you do not need the highest-paid influencer/celebrity, to endorse your product.

There are micro-influencers, who have positive and reliable influences on their audience and are ready to work with small businesses, to grow, as they grow.

Again, big brands, such as Nike, Pepsi, Samsung, Coca-Cola and many more, rely heavily on influencer marketing strategies in their social media campaigns.

If they see the importance of it and employ it to appeal to their consumers online, what is stopping a small business from following suit?

Now I ask you. Can small businesses survive, without influencer marketing, on social media? Your guess is as good as mine.

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