Can Business Owners Today Scale Without Social Media?

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You are, probably, thinking that why this should, even, be a question.

Well, according to Emarsys 2019 statistics, there are about 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, which is just about 42% percent of the current world population.

This shows that the larger population, still needs a little bit of convincing, on why their businesses need social media engagement.

According to Merriam Webster, Social media is a form of electronic communication, through which users create online communities, to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content.

Just, so, there is no mistake, this only explains a tiny bit of what social media can do, for your business.

Rather than give an answer to the question above, allow me to show you, a bit of what social media can do for businesses today.

Increase Brand Awareness
Business owners - cfamedia

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Through social media, more people get to know about a brand.

Regardless of whether a business is old, or, new, with social media well utilized, the brand is placed in the face of many people.

Increased Sales
Business owners - cfamedia

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A quick look around shows that social media has taken over the market.

With more than half of the Gen Z, already, on two, or, more social media platforms, there is an available market for business owners to fish.

That said, this market is, only available to businesses that consider social media a part of its strategy and develops it as such.

Connect With Customers

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Apart from exploring the market space, social media allows business owners, to connect with existing customers from far and near.

Businesses can, continually, stay in the mind of their customers, by updating them of activities, via social media platforms.

Social media, also, serves as customer service providers, for disgruntled clients.

Reduced Marketing Cost

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Marketing is, an integral part of a business, but now, social media makes it easier.

With a little amount, a business can run ads, on various social media platforms. This helps, to reach more people, at a reduced cost, compared to traditional marketing.

Become A Thought Leader

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With the advent of social media, more leaders are being born.

This is because, social media enables one, to air his/her opinion, on issues, with large coverage.

This done, consistently, over a period of time and soon, the world begins to notice.

This is a strategy that business owners can implement, to get their businesses, in the eyes of many.

All these said, I now leave you to determine, whether, or, not, business owners today, can scale, without social media?

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