Is Your Business Reaping the Benefits of 1 Million New Visitors?

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Hootsuite and We Are Social Digital Trends, recently reported the number of new visitors visiting the web daily. One million new people are the statistics and these numbers are regular visitors to social media in more than 200 countries in the world.

With this number, a wealth of opportunities for businesses to explore gets created as visitors are involved with product and service research. These are windows for businesses to leverage and understand the interest of new visitors.

These are some of the key trends that small businesses should pay attention to in 2019

Visiting Social Media Platform

New visitors - cfamedia
45% of the one million people visiting the internet everyday log on to their social media account.

With this number, social media affords small businesses the opportunity to expand their reach, a step which will enable them to get engaged with the right audience and eventually make transactions.

Greg Perotto, VP of Global Marketing at Hootsuite, shared his thoughts on these staggering statistics.
“ 90% of customers express a desire to contact a business through messaging, yet less than half of businesses are equipped to connect via messaging apps and it is the perfect opportunity for brands. The average person spends 2 hours and 16 minutes a day on social media — that’s one-seventh of their waking lives. The reality is, if a business is not on social media and messaging, they simply are not where their customers are.”

A business owner, from all indications, should comprehend the importance of social media in increasing customer engagement. The customer journey with your brand is of necessity and you need to ensure that you explore all means to get them satisfied.

The Most Consumed Content Is Video

New visitor - cfamedia
YouTube got the most visits, as 75% of new visitors engaged with video. The rise in demand for video content has seen an astronomical boost in the past few years.

These videos are seen by visitors through their mobile devices, another reason your video content should not be optimized for PC only.

For small businesses, creating engaging, promotional content for YouTube means they can reach the millions of people turning to YouTube daily to be informed and entertained.

As Greg Perotto explains:
“YouTube is such an exciting platform for discovering and engagement — and truly, one of the great business equalizers. 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube. It’s one of the first places consumers go to explore and seek answers to common questions, tapping into unboxing videos, “how-tos”, and other videos that give them insight into what’s new, what’s coming and what’s in”.

Small businesses can create engaging and promotional videos on YouTube for millions of reach. With so much video content consumed, your business needs a YouTube channel.

Mobile Messaging

New visitors - cfamedia
Another trend mentioned in the report is that 70% of internet users are engaged with mobile messaging.

Being able to connect with your customer via an instant message is a proven way for small businesses to enhance creativity and obtain leads.

Small Business Trends asked the VP of Global Marketing at Hootsuite his thoughts on how small business owners can capitalize on the mobile messaging phenomenon.

The Vice-President also shared his thoughts on this as follows:
“For most of us, our phones are our lives, the panic one feels when disconnected is like losing your lifeline to the outside world. To capture and retain the attention of your customers, businesses, big and small, need to rethink how they engage. That starts by showing respect to your customer’s privacy while working to create personal 1:1 connection by delivering relevant content in time to the audience — all the while being authentic and genuine to your brand.”

A small business needs to leverage this by creating messaging app assistants to help confirm sales and run campaigns.

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